Preeta runs to catch Prithvi – Kundali Bhagya 21 July 2020 Episode Written

Karan says to Preeta I feel that rather then saving Rishabh you are trying to save the masked man because behind that mask is her daadi wala bakra Prithvi ji. Preeta says why you bring Prithvi ji between everything. Karan says I will save Rishabh before you then Preeta says I will save him and also prove to you that Prithvi ji is not behind that mask. Mahira says lets not waste time and save Rishabh as wedding mahurat is passing away. Srishti says not only mahurat but your whole wedding will pass away. Karan, Sammy and Mahira in one group and Preeta, Srishti in one group left to save Rishabh.

Prithvi sits in the lobby of the hotel with Rishabh hiding his face behind a newspaper. Rakhi and Kareena came there finding Karan then they asked have you seen Karan Luthra here. Prithvi says no then they said he’s famous cricketer, Prithvi says no he’s not famous. Kareena showed Karan pic in mobile and Prithvi grabs the phone from below the newspapers and says he doesn’t recognize him. Kareena and Rakhi left from there. Prithvi tells a unconscious Rishabh that the way I didn’t recognized your brother today and if you have seen my acting then you would have also become my fan.

Srishti tells Preeta why you taken me away from there as I would have insulted Mahira more in front of Karan. Srishti asks do you have any plan to catch the kidnapper. Preeta says that I have already informed the police and when I will catch the kidnapper I will take off his mask. Preeta tells Srishti lets go and find the kidnapper. Rana calls Prithvi and tells him that car is ready. Prithvi says to Rishabh, Panchayati businessman your bulawa has come, lets go as I have to parcel you somewhere else.

Rakhi and Kareena mets Mahira and Mahira tells them that she has released Karan and he went to find Rishabh. Srishti and Preeta meets Rakhi and Kareena, Rakhi thanked Preeta for coming to save Rishabh. Preeta tells them that she has already informed the police and they are outside but they won’t come inside as its a big hotel and kidnapper might escape. So they are waiting for extra force. Prithvi came to the hotel reception with Rishabh and Rana shouts at him saying boss come here. Prithvi saw the police in the back and hides. Rana saw the police and left the place. Inspector tells Patil to check kitchen, generator room, clock room and store room. Prithvi thinks that they haven’t said about room that means my room is safe and he went there with Rishabh.

Preeta tells Rakhi that I have a plan as we all are in the hotel now lets spread in every corner and keep a watch so we can catch kidnapper. Prithvi says now I am gone as Luthras and Aroras have planned to catch him and he ran to his room. Luthras and Aroras spread in the hotel. Prithvi came to his room with Rishabh and says I have came back from where I have started. Prithvi further says that Preeta ji I have loved you but you have hurt me then he thinks that Preeta ji doesn’t know that I am behind mask. Prithvi takes the mask and thinks that I will leave wearing it but then he thinks that police is outside. Prithvi thinks that today his game is over.

Preeta tells Inspector to find Rishabh then she says that maybe kidnapper went to the same room again where we went sometime back. Karan says have you people seen anyone on a stretcher or a wheelchair the Rakhi says we have seen a person but the person was in a saree then Karan says these kidnapper are very claver. Rakhi, Preeta and Srishti went to check room 1110 while Karan, Kareena and Mahira went the other way. Sherlyn thinks that everyone is behind Prithvi now and he might get caught. She calls Prithvi and he says room 1110 and Sherlyn gets scared.

Sherlyn warns Prithvi by calling him that Preeta and Srishti are coming to room 1110 so leave the room. Prithvi says I can’t as all the Luthras are outside. Sherlyn says he will surely get caught today. Prithvi thinks that he will leave without Rishabh then he says no he will not go without him as he will make him sign the property papers at any cost. Prithvi went outside with Rishabh wearing mask but Rakhi, Srishti and Preeta came there and they started chasing him. Sherlyn saw that and makes a drama that she got injured. Rakhi attends Sherlyn but Preeta and Shrishti went after Prithvi. Sherlyn thinks that if Preeta catches Prithvi today then I will lose for lifetime.

Rakhi tells Sherlyn to get up then she asks are you alright now and she says yes then Rakhi says lets chaase the kidnapper. Kareena went with Karan, Sammy and Mahira to the place where they saw Prithvi with newspaper then Kareena says he’s not here anymore. Prithvi goes in a corridor and Srishti, Preeta gets confused then they went separate away. Preeta saw masked man and she throws a flower vase at him. Prithvi takes away the rug from Preeta fet and she felt down. Prithvi apologized by grabbing his ears.

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