Kundali Bhagya todays episode written updates 25 March 2022 – Prithvi in Jail and Kritika creates drama

Police arrives at Luthra house with special team and they started searching Prithvi’s room. Prithvi gets tensed and he stopped the special team from searching putting forth the reason that they don’t have the search warrant. Flashback shown, Karan told the inspector before their arrival to bring the search warrant with them. Inspector shows the search warrant to Prithvi after which they continued the search but after so many efforts they failed to find anything in his room.

Preeta tells inspector to search once again and Prithvi says are you insane this is special team and they can found anything. Kritika tells Preeta to stop creating nonsense drama. Karan sees a sceptre and he grabs it. Prithvi tells inspector to tell him to stop touching my belongings. Karan asks Inspector may I and Inspector allows him. Karan opens the top of sceptre and he found the property papers hidden inside it.

Prithvi gets shocked seeing the papers after which Inspector tells Prithvi that he is under arrest. Kritika started crying seeing Prithvi getting arrested and she started cursing Preeta. Kritika says there was a time when I used to love you but now I hate you a lot. Karan tries to stop Kritika but she tells him that she is not the same Preeta anymore. Kritika leaves from there crying.

Srishti, Preeta and Sameer started celebrating Prithvi’s arrest. Preeta says this all happened because of Karan’s support and Srishti says Karan Jiju is the smartest. Preeta says I want to go to police station to see Prithvi as there are some things I need to tell him.

Sherlyn started getting restless thinking she is the next in line on Preeta’s radar. She tells Natasha that just like Prithvi, Preeta will send me to jail as well. Natasha thinks that I need to be safe from this Preeta. At police station Prithvi shouts at Inspector and Inspector says every criminal shouts and threatens like this so keep quiet.

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