MTV Splitsvilla 14 EP 8 Written Updates 4 Dec 2022, Uorfi breaks connection and Namak Ishq Ka Challenge Results

Rishabh Jaiswal became the third contestant to get eliminated from Splitsvilla 14 after Dhruvin Busa and Oviya Darnal. Uorfi Javed got a reality check at the dumping ground from Honey Kamboj and Justin D’Cruz as she finds out that she was getting manipulated all along by the duo of Aagaz Akhtar and Rishabh. Amir Hossein confessed that he is interested in Pema Leilani and now if you want to find out what happened next on Splitsvilla X4 in episode 8 then read this article further.

After the dumping ground session, Samuya Bhandari and Aradhana Verma went to Uorfi Javed’s room to clear out the misunderstanding but instead of clearing out things, both the girls started blaming Uorfi for trying to create rifts between the groups. Uorfi told them both to get out of her room.

All the boys got ready at the Isle of Mars for an upcoming party and all the girls arrived for the party. Amir Hossein got very happy seeing Pema Leilani coming at the party. Kashish Thakur told Uorfi Javed at the party that he is going to take advantage of her and she asked him, In what sense? Kashish responds, now it seems that you are going to take advantage of me.

Things got a little heated up between Honey Kamboj and Akashlina Chandra because Honey felt that Akashlina doesn’t listen to what he says that she always does what she wants.

Aagaz Akhtar and Aradhana Verma also had a little private chat between them and Aradhana straightaway told Aagaz that she finds him dominating. Aagaz gets up and left the discussion saying that its her choice, she can choose whoever she wants by her side.

Aradhana Verma breaks her connection with Aagaz Akhtar

During the Isle of Mars Villa Party, Uorfi and Samuya again started arguing as Uorfi told her that you and Aradhana came to my room saying that you want apologize and instead of that you both started blaming me. Samuya said that I am not apologizing and then Uorfi responds asking her, Why are you talking to me then?

Aradhana told Uorfi that she is interested in making a connection with Hamid Barkzi and Uorfi tells her to go for it. Aradhana went to Hamid and she tells him that she finds him cute but Hamid straightaway tells her that he won’t pick anyone apart from Soundous.

Girls received a scroll from Sunny and they were informed that they need to make trios for the upcoming challenge by giving roses to boys and each trio should comprise of 2 girls and 1 boy.

Soundous finds out from Uorfi that Aradhana was trying to steal her connection after which Soundous destroyed Aradhana verbally at the Isle of Venus and all the other girls enjoyed it a lot.

Sunny Leone announced the next couples challenge which is named Namak Ishq Ka.

The final Trio Groups for the Namak Ishq Ka Challenge were as follows :

  • Hamid Barkzi, Soundous Moufakir, and Akashlina Chandra
  • Amir Hossein, Pema Leilanni, and Shrea Prasad
  • Aagaz Akhtar, Sakshi Dwivedi, and Uorfi Javed
  • Justin D’Cruz, Sakshi Shrivas, and Samuya Bhandari
  • Joshua Chhabra, Kashish Ratnani, and Aradhana Verma

Before the challenge a massive argument happened between Soundous Moufakir and Aradhana Verma. Uorfi Javed again confronted Kashish Thakur regarding his derogatory remarks on her character and then Kashish said that it seems we are different personalities.

Uorfi Javed breaks her connection with Kashish Thakur

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