Shark Tank India 1 February 2023 EP Written Updates, All Founders & Companies Names, and Pitches Made Info

Shark Tank India Season 2 episode 23 has been broadcasted already on Sony TV and we get to witness a young entrepreneur making a pitch for his company that provides Sanitary pads recycling system. Three founders of a Swadeshi utensils company made efforts to convince sharks to invest in their business. An 18 Year old entrepreneur came and he told investors that he wants to buy BYJUS. At the end of the episode, a certified doctor made a pitch for his company that makes products for the safety of healthcare workers.

Shark Tank India 2 Episode 23 All Pitches and Deals Made – Full Details :

First Pitch :

  • Founder Name – Ajinkya Dhariya
  • Company Name – Padcare
  • Specialised in making – Sanitary Pads disposal service provider and recycling management system which is eco-friendly and 100% made in India
  • Asked for – Rs 50 lakhs for 2% Equity
  • Final Deal – Rs 1 crore for 4% Equity
  • Deal Made With – Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, Anupam Mittal, and Vineeta Singh

Second Pitch :

  • Founders Name – Madhavi Paliwal, Sunita Paliwal, and Dattatreya Vyas
  • Company Name – Swadeshi Blessings
  • Specialised in making – Makes earthware utensils which are more healthier and eco-friendly then aluminium cookware.
  • Asked for – Rs 50 lakhs for 5% Equity
  • Final Deal – Rs 25 lakhs for 5% Equity and another Rs 25 lakhs in debt at 12% interest
  • Deal Made With – Vineeta Singh and Namita Thapar

Third Pitch :

  • Founder Name – Shreeyan Daga
  • Company Name – OLL
  • Specialised in making –Provides online skill development platform which provides certification from STEM and UNESCO
  • Asked for – Rs 50 lakhs for 2% Equity
  • Final Deal – Rs 30 lakhs for 5% Equity
  • Deal Made With – Peyush Bansal and Vineeta Singh

Fourth Pitch :

  • Founders Name – Dr. Vishal Bajal and Girdhar Bajaj
  • Company Name – Febris
  • Specialised in making – Uniforms, Lab Coats, and Scrubs for Healthcare workers.
  • Asked for – Rs 1 crore for 2.5% Equity
  • Final Deal – No Deal
  • Deal Made With – No one

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