Kundali Bhagya todays episode written updates 23 March 2022 – Preeta stops police from arresting Karan

Sherlyn puts blame on Karan for stealing property papers by saying she saw him coming out of Preeta’s room. Preeta tells inspector to search Sherlyn’s room first and Sherlyn says I haven’t stolen the papers and again she blamed Karan. Bani Dadi tells Kareena to tell Sherlyn to shut up. Natasha also came at Luthra house and she asked what’s happening here and Prithvi says you just stand and observe, you will understand.

Bani Dadi tells Kareena to give back the property papers and Kareena says I haven’t stolen them after which she tells Dadi to give back the papers. Karan tells inspector to start searching his room first and everyone went with him except Preeta and Prithvi. Preeta and Prithvi started staring at each other and Preeta thinks that today I will throw you out of this house as after Sherlyn’s room, I will get your room searched.

Janki aunty was still emotionally torturing Srishti and Biji came to save her from Janki’s emotional atyachaar. Srishti thanked Biji for saving her from Janki aunty and Biji says that you have to bring my cough syrup in the evening as a return of the favour. Srishti asked her, are you blackmailing me and Biji says yes consider it as a blackmail.

Police started searching Karan’s room and they find the file. Seeing the file Prithvi acts shocked and says its the same file which had the property papers so it seems that Karan is the thief. Karan said just shut up I haven’t stolen any papers. Inspector says to Karan, you are under arrest and Preeta says that there is no need to take him as I got my papers back.

Inspector tells Preeta that law doesn’t work like that and we have to take Karan with us and if you want to save him then you have to come with us to give statement. Preeta opened the file and the papers were not in it after which she stopped the Inspector and says its seems someone is trying to frame Karan. Inspector says we have not found anything in any other room and we will come again tomorrow with a special team and they will check the CCTV footage. Inspector leaves from Luthra house.

Srishti meets Preeta in her room and Preeta tells about whatever happened and Srishti says you should come back. Preeta says its a small failure and you should rather motivate me. Srishti says when you will get successful di then we both families will go to a picnic together. Preeta thinks Prithvi Malhotra it was not easy to tackle you in the past but I have taken pledge to tackle you and to finish your game, just wait and watch.

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