Dance Deewane Season 3 Episode 4 Performances, Selected Contestants Names 7 Mar 2021 Written Details

Episode 4 of DD3 (Dance Deewane Season 3) started with a mind blowing Lavni performance by Suchna on Kamli song. One of Raghav Juyal’s fan impressed the judges with his fantastic experimental dance style. An all girls dance group from Nalasopara named Elle Angels broke the dance floor on Dangal Dangal song and In the end 37 year old Yogesh managed to win judges hearts with his dance on Aarambh Hai Prachand song.

Dance Deewane Season 3 EP 4 Contestants Names with Performances, Selections and Rejections

First Solo contestant – Suchna – Age 39 Yrs – Suchna did a traditional Marathi Lavani on Kamli song. She gets a standing ovation from all three judges after her performance and Madhuri whistled for her. Madhuri also did Lavani with Suchna on her request. An emotional video was played for Suchna and it was shown that she got supported by her mother-in-law. Judges called her sons and they pressed the play button to select their mother.

Second Solo Contestant – Richika Sinha – Age 12 Yrs – Richika gave a contemporary dance performance on Bhagey Rey Mann song. All three judges gave her a standing ovation and Dharmesh sir pressed the play buzzer for her followed by Madhuri. Dharmesh and Tushar requested her to do some of the steps of her dance. Judges called her on stage and Richika cried as her mother has to leave her home alone because of her job. Tushar sir called Richika’s mother to press the play buzzer for her daughter and she did that.

Third Solo Contestant – Rishabh Sisodia – Age 23 Yrs – Rishabh says to judges that he is a big fan of Raghav Juyal and he can’t find him as he has learnt dance seeing him. Raghav finally arrives on stage and Rishabh touched his feet. Raghav cracked some jokes with him and he sits with judges to see Rishabh’s performance. Rishabh performed on Haye Rama song and it was a experimental dance form. Rishabh says that he got inspired by Raghav. Tushar sir pressed play buzzer for him after which Dharmesh sir tells Raghav to press the play and Raghav pressed it. Madhuri pressed the play buzzer in the end. Raghav on the request of Rishabh did a dance performance with him on Haye Rama Song.

Fourth Group – Elle Angels – Age 12 – 14 Yrs – An all girls group from Nalasopara performed on Dangal Dangal song. Judges gave them a standing ovation after their dance. Madhuri pressed play button for them followed by Dharmesh. On Tushar sir’s request Dharmesh and Tushar did a dance on Dangal Dangal with the girls group. Finally Tushar sir pressed the play buzzer and the girls got selected.

Fifth Duo – Tandel Brothers – Age 9 and 14 Yrs – Tandel Brothers danced on Tu Jo Mila song and their performance was very beautiful. Judges called their mother on stage and their mother complaint that they both break a lot of things at home. Dharmesh sir pressed play buzzer for them. Madhuri and Tushar says that they are a bit confused. Tushar sir pressed the play buzzer and then finally Madhuri pressed the play buzzer for their mother’s sake.

Sixth Solo Contestant – Allu Golu Prakash – Age 37 Yrs – Allu Golu gave a face dancing performance on Akhiyan Milau song. Raghav came on stage and cracked some jokes with him. Dharmesh, Tushar and Raghav tried to do that dance but they failed badly. Madhuri somewhat managed to do it. Allu Golu didn’t got selected.

Seventh Solo Contestant – Yoogesh – Age 37 Yrs – Yogesh performed on Aarambh Hai Prachand song and his dance was just awesome. Tushar pressed play buzzer for him. Madhuri praised his performance a lot and she pressed play as well. An emotional intro video for Yoesh was shown featuring his family. Finally Dharmesh sir pressed play buzzer as well after which Yogesh gets selected.

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