Bigg Boss 15 Day 33 Episode 3 Nov 2021 Written Updates – Tejasswi calls Shamita insecure, KaranNeeti shines again

On the day 33 of Bigg Boss Season 15, a captaincy task was announced by Bigg Boss in which all the contestants were made the members of a imaginary family and each one of them have a secret which one other contestant will be aware of. All the contestants were told each others secrets and if any of the contestant will spill the secret in the recording room then that contestant with the secret be get out of the task.

Shamita had the secret of Tejasswi Prakash and she got so much desperate to spill the secret of Tejasswi so that Teja goes out. Shamita reveals Tejasswi’s secret and Tejasswi goes out of the task.

Tejasswi gets so much depressed seeing Shamita’s bad attitude towards her and then Tejasswi confronted Shamita and said that you are insecured of me and that’s why you revealed my secret. Shamita tells Tejasswi that you are not on my priority list.

Karan gets so much upset seeing the alliances made by Shamita and then he started the KaranNeeti. Karan single handedly thrown the whole OTT group of the task by using his brain. In the end Rajiv was not going in the room to reveal the truth but then Tejasswi used her brain and instigated him. Rajiv went in the room and revealed Vishal’s secret. Umar and Miesha became the contenders for captaincy.

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