Today’s Kumkum Bhagya Episode 23 April 2021 Written – Tanu threatens to destroy Pragya

Aliya went to meet Abhi in Jail. She tells Abhi that Pragya and they are together and i will support Pragya to get you out and will teach lesson to Tanu for sure and she leaves after saying sorry to him.

Abhi consoles Rhea telling her he will come out very soon. Rhea feels good. Ranbir missed Tanu while following her and searches for her. Prachi goes to meet Abhi. Abhi tells them he felt happy seeing both of them. Prachi says I know Dad it’s tough for you stay away from family and it’s tough time for us too but your smile give us strength and you will come out very soon. Abhi about to tell something. Rhea and Prachi says we know you’re innocent so don’t think about others and we are with you in this fight.

Rhea says don’t worry Dad, I warned Tanu to take her complaint back. Abhi asks why she went to Tanu and tells her that Tanu is not good. Prachi says Rhea did good and Tanu deserves it. Abhi asks if they went to warn Tanu. Rhea agrees. Abhi tells them he is feeling good to see his family unity and glad that you both are standing for each other.

Constable tells them time is over. Abhi asks for one more minute and he asks Rhea and Prachi to stay together in this way. Rhea and Prachi leaves . Prachi tells her she felt good hearing her words Infront of their Dad. Rhea asks Prachi to forget whatever happened inside and I’m not good sister so don’t expect me to drop you at home. Prachi tells her she will leave in public transport and she thinks Rhea is badtameez.

Pragya goes to meet another lawyer Singhania and she asks him to take up their case. Singhania says hope you know what kind of lawyer I’m. Pragya tells him I know you’re expensive and she is ready to pay him. Singhania asks her to sit and tells her that he only accept the case seeing truth and I’m fighting this case. Pragya thank him.

Lawyer tells Pragya he is fighting the case for Tanu against Abhi and I won’t fight for rapist. Pragya asks how can he accuse her husband. Singhania asks her to hire best lawyer to fight against him because he never lose any case. Pragya tells him her husband is innocent and you’re going to lose this case because Tanu is lying. Tanu asks if they are talking about her.

Prachi reaches to home and turns off the TV seeing Tanu’s interview. Saritha and Shahana tells Prachi that public opinion plays huge role in cases and issues so we have to make Tanu reveal the truth to everyone than only your Dad will be free from these accusations. Prachi goes out.

Tanu says don’t worry Pragya , you can hire some public prosecutor because noone will accept your case. Singhania asks Tanu to wait outside but she asks for 2m time and questions Pragya how she felt after knowing Abhi spent one night with her. Pragya says you’re garbage and I’m confident that he can never even spent 2minutes with you so stop this nonsense. Tanu asks her to see what’s she going to do. Pragya asks her to do it Infront of her. Singhania goes call his assistant to stop their fight. Tanu locks the door from inside. Singhania shouts to open the door and goes to call Security.

Pragya tells Tanu she don’t have time to talk with her. Tanu says you’re right, Abhi didn’t raped me. Pragya asks why she is telling truth Infront of her. Tanu says no one is here that’s why I told truth to you but you can’t do anything even after knowing this truth and I love to see you helpless. Singhania asks security to open the door. Tanu tells to Pragya that no one will take Abhi case. Pragya tells her she will definitely get lawyer to prove Abhi innocence.

Tanu asks her to stop dreaming because you don’t have any family without Abhi and I will prove Abhi’s culprit do whole world support me and that world won’t let you live. Pragya says court will support the truth because you don’t have any evidence except your fake tears.

Tanu tells Pragya she have a proof. Pragya says that proof might be lie like you. Tanu says time will tell it and my proof going to prove Abhi as a rapist than you will be wife of rapist but what to do, you didn’t left any choice to win my love. Pragya says she wont get anything by creating this mess. Tanu tells to Pragya that she is going to ruin her in court.

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