MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 28 Recap: What Happened on June 30, 2024? Full Written Updates

In MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 28, aired on June 30, 2024, the aftermath of the “Phatti Banyan Nikla Hero” shopping challenge brought new emotional twists and intense competitions. The ideal couples enjoyed their special dates, while the rest of the Splitsvillains dealt with jealousy, confrontations, and a challenging new task. Here’s a full recap of MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 28.

Special Dates for Ideal Couples

The episode began with the ideal couples enjoying their special dates. Harsh Arora and Shubhi Joshi had a romantic Jacuzzi date, with Shobhika serving as their assistant, adding rose petals to the water. However, Harsh seemed annoyed, even as Shubhi tried to get romantic.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 28 Complete Recap

Meanwhile, Digvijay Singh Rathee and Nayera Ahuja were having a swimming pool date. Swastika, their assistant, entertained them with a seductive dance and gave Digvijay a hot back massage.

Return to the Villa and Rising Jealousy

As the rest of the contestants returned to the villa from the shopping challenge, Unnati discovered that Swastika had given Digvijay a special back massage, sparking jealousy. To make Digvijay jealous, Unnati and Sachin started giving each other back massages. Digvijay dismissed the situation, saying that Unnati and Sachin were like brother and sister. Swastika got annoyed but was eventually calmed down by Sachin.

Jacuzzi Date Drama

During the Jacuzzi date, Shubhi brought up Rushali Yadav’s past, saying she still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend. This angered Harsh, who warned Shubhi never to bring up the topic again. Harsh left the date midway, leaving Shubhi in tears. Shobhika comforted her, but the drama was far from over.

Harsh, still fuming, informed Rushali about the incident. Rushali confronted Shubhi, warning her not to go below the belt. Kashish Kapoor watched the drama unfold, enjoying the spicy developments.

Teddy Meri Kahani Challenge Announcement

The next morning, the Splitsvillains gathered for a new challenge location. Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani announced the “Teddy Meri Kahani” challenge. The chosen couples for this task were:

  • Sachin Sharma and Unnati Tomar: Aniket and Deekila
  • Addy and Kashish Kapoor: Akriti Negi and Jashwanth Bopanna

It was also announced that Arbaz Patel and Rushali Yadav, winners of the “Phatti Banyan Nikla Hero” challenge, were safe from the next Dome session.

Teddy Meri Kahani Challenge Details

In the “Teddy Meri Kahani” challenge, contestants had to make a teddy bear in a toy factory setting. The task involved multiple phases:

  1. Phase 1: One contestant pulled a wall with three holes, revealing secret numbers. The partner had to adjust the wall to help reveal the numbers.
  2. Phase 2: Contestants opened a chest using the combination of numbers found, which contained a fishing rod.
  3. Phase 3: Two contestants lifted their female partners on their shoulders, and the females had to fish out 10 cotton pieces using the rod.
  4. Final Phase: All four members filled the teddy bear with the cotton pieces and hugged the teddy bear together.

Challenge Results

The results of the “Teddy Meri Kahani” challenge were:

  • First Place: Sachin, Unnati, Aniket, and Deekila with a time of 8 minutes and 29 seconds.
  • Second Place: Addy, Kashish, Jashwanth, and Akriti with a time of 9 minutes and 4 seconds.

Sachin, Unnati, Aniket, and Deekila emerged victorious in the challenge.

Aftermath and Threats

Harsh Arora, delighted by Jashwanth and Akriti’s loss, warned them that he would target them in the next Dome session. He also warned Addy that he would be targeted as well.

Concluding Remarks

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 28 was filled with emotional outbursts, strategic moves, and intense competition. The contestants’ relationships were tested, and new alliances and rivalries emerged, setting the stage for even more drama in the upcoming episodes.


What was the highlight of MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 28?

The highlight was the “Teddy Meri Kahani” challenge and the emotional confrontations following the special dates.

Who won the “Teddy Meri Kahani” challenge?

Sachin, Unnati, Aniket, and Deekila won the challenge.

What caused the drama during the Jacuzzi date?

Harsh Arora got angry when Shubhi Joshi brought up Rushali Yadav’s past, leading to a confrontation.

Who were the chosen couples for the “Teddy Meri Kahani” challenge?

The chosen couples were Sachin & Unnati with Aniket & Deekila, and Addy & Kashish with Akriti & Jashwanth.

What were Harsh Arora’s threats after the challenge?

Harsh warned Jashwanth, Akriti, and Addy that he would target them in the next Dome session.

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