Bigg Boss 15 Day 32 Episode 2 Nov 2021 Written Updates – Simba pushed Umar, Special Power for Safe Contestants

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Season 15, Kamya cama and she says that Umar is different and Asim is different, She told Tejasswi that you are eating Pera by becoming Aera. Kamya then called Shamita and she said that you look like camera conscious. Kamya called Tejasswi next and she told her not to dominate Karan. Kamya saved Karan Kundrra from nominations. After Kamya left, Rajiv and Ieshaan had an argument over that one audience thing which he said. Miesha also got involved and she got emotional later on.

Early morning on Day 32, Rajiv had an argument with Nishant over cooking platform cleaning. Later on Pratik an an argument with Tejasswi over cooking and then Tejasswi said it seems you have fallen in love with me, to her response Pratik said yes I love you, everyone laughed.

Bigg Boss then called all the four safe housemates and gave them a special power to nominate one contestant with a unanimous decision and whom they will nominated, will get directly nominated. Also all the contestants can convince these four. Finally Tejasswi, Karan, Jay, and Vishal nominated Miesha for this week eviction and she get nominated.

Later in the day Bigg Boss announced a task for nominations and Shamita was not allowed to do that task because of a finger injury and she needs to choose a proxy from Vishal, Tejasswi, Jay, and Karan. Shamita chose Vishal as her proxy and rest – Tejasswi, Karan, and Jay became Sanchalaks.

During the task Umar and Simba had a fight after which Umar abused Simba’s mom and things got so much intense that Simba pushed Umar in the pool but Umar did not made a big issue out of it and nothing happened.

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