Kundali Bhagya Spoiler 25 September 2020 – Mahira hits Preeta on head – Pawan will kidnap her

Zee TV popular serial Kundali Bhagya will see a lot of drama in the coming episode as Preeta kidnap angle is about to take place on the show. On the Friday 25 September 2020 episode of the show you will see Mahira telling Preeta that she has found a Raavan for her. Preeta will ask her who is he but Mahira won’t reveal anything.

Mahira will tell Preeta that she will blacken her face. Preeta will respond saying what rubbish are you talking about. Mahira will tell her that she can do anything to get Karan and if she needs to harm Baani Dadi, Rakhi aunty, Kareena bua, Mahesh uncle then she will harm them. Mahira further says that she can even harm Karan if he rejects her.

Preeta slapped Mahira hard. Mahira tells Preeta that she will do Sita haran. Preeta tried to leave the room but Mahira hits her from behind with a stump on her head. Preeta got unconcious. Pawan has already entered the Luthra house to kidnap Preeta.

Will Pawan get successful in kidnapping Preeta and will Karan save her if she gets kidnapped. Well we need to wait as a lot of drama is about to be unfold on Kundali Bhagya.

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