Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 26 March 2021 Written – Soumya confronts Angel

Angel gives laddu to Raavi but Raavi throws it after which Angel force feeds Raavi a laddu. Furthermore Angel went to force feed Sindhu as well but Preeto stops her by grabbing her hand. Preeto says that we don’t raise hand on Kinner’s otherwise you wouldn’t have been standing here alive but when God will pick his stick then no one among you will stay alive. Angel starts mocking Preeto saying God, God and then says no one has answerd. She says if the God was watching then he wouldn’t have let me kill Heer and Virat, God failed to do anything and neither you people also today Angel will do a kaand that you will be shocked and there’s going to be no proof. Angel tells her fellow Kinner’s to move forward and Rohan came to Preeto’s defense but one of them shouted Aeee then someone says loudly Stop.

Soumya enters the Singh’s house after which lightning starts striking and she prays in front of Goddess Durga throwing color after which she turns around. Angel says Who is it show your face? Soumya says I’m a Kinner as well, Harman Ji’s Gulaabo, daughter-in-law of this house and Heer’s mother. Preeto gets shocked seeing her and says Soumya. Everyone at Singh’s house gets shocked seeing Soumya back. Harak Singh also says Soumya.

Angel asks what who Heer’s mother but Heer’s mother is Mahi then who are you? Soumya says she gave Heer birth and I took care of her giving her upbringing and its her fortune that Heer has two mothers. Angel says there were but no anymore because I killed her with my hands after which Soumya twists her hand and says don’t say this ever again even by mistake as Heer is alive and the biggest proof of that is standing right in front of you, till the time my heart is beating, Heer’s heart is also beating. Both Heer and Virat were shown in a hospital operation theatre on beds.

Angels asks are you Soumya? Soumya says, Soumya Harman Singh. Soumya tells Angel to tell her fellow Kinner’s to move backwards and Angel tells them to move backwards. Soumya says now I have arrived so stop following my family otherwise I will teach you a lesson which you will never forget. Soumya further says that what you did with Heer for that I would have beaten you badly but I will hand you over to law enforcement as only law will punish you. Soumya warns Angel to never come near Heer or her family after which she tells Angel to tell her fellow Kinner’s to leave from there and Angel obeys.

Soumya tells Angel to think next time before coming to this city otherwise I will beat you in a way then Maharani herself will not recognize you. Soumya throws Angel and tells her to get out. Angel falls in front of Mallika. Mallika mocks Angel by doing her Zor Ka Jhatka style then she tells her that you forget that good has to come to end bad and now she (Soumya) has arrived to make you pay. Mallika warns Angel to be careful as if she looks at this family in a bad way again then she will face the consequences.

Angel says to Mallika that she has never accepted defeat and now she’s Gurumata so she will destroy this Kinner Soumya. Malika says you don’t have that level then she claps and says you don’t have that level to destroy Soumya and speaking of you being Gurumata so no one can become Gurumata just by wearing a red saree. Mallika further says that our Soumya has left the Gurumata’s post after earning it and What does it mean to be a Gurumata and what are her responsibilities, go and asks your fellow Kinner’s. Soumya says that for Kinner’s their Gurumaa is like a Goddess and you have disrespected this post for which Iravan Devta will never forgive you. Soumya tells Angel to leave and don’t come near her house. Angel thinks that its good Soumya that you came back now I will take revenge of my Maharani from your family and you as well. Angel leaves and Soumya shuts the door.

Soumya recalls about all her past memories in the Singh’s house. Soumya calls Preeto Mummy Ji and hugs her. Preeto hugs Soumya and gets happy saying my Soumya came back now all the problems will be solved. A flashback was shown of when Preeto told Soumya to leave the city and the Singh family also another flashback was shown of Soumya taking a oath around the fire that she will leave Gurdaspur, and Singh Family but after 16 years she will come back to see whether Preeto fulfilled her promise or not.

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