Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 24 March 2021 Written – Angel becomes Gurumata and Soumya returns

Mahi tells Preeto not to break ss she is with her so don’t lose hope. Harak Singh says that he thinks Angel is behind all this after which Rohan suggests him to make a complaint about this to police. Harak Singh shouts on constable Prashant as why he is not registering an FIR on Angel, Daljeet comes and says it can’t happen. Lawyer comes with the bail papers of Angel to release her and Daljeet says that how can she attack when she was in lock up. Angel gets bail and Sant Baksh warns her that if he finds out that she was behind this case then she will have nowhere to run hearing this Angel claps in front of him and leaves. Sant Baksh tells Daljeet to keep an eye on Angel.

Preeto in her room looks at the picture of Soumya and Heer after which she starts recalling their sweet moments and cried. Parmeet in her room was seeing the pictures of Virat and she was getting emotional after which Gurwinder comes to calm her down. Parmeet says that maybe she lost her son forever and if they had accepted Heer then Virat would’ve been with them. Gurwinder tells Parmeet to keep faith on God and Virat will come back for sure.

Angel at her place laughs and Daljeet scolds her because she killed his brother Virat as it was not a part of their plan. Angel says I killed Virat because he came between me and Heer. Daljeet says it was not a part of our of deal and Angel threatens him that don’t blame her otherwise she will open her mouth also now he is the successor of his father’s whole property so he should give her a clean chit. Angel orders Deepika to invite the whole Kinner community because what Angel is going to do now, she was trying to do since long and now no can stop Angel from becoming Gurumata.

Preeto sees a rope in her room and she thinks about something. Harak Singh tells Mahi to give Preeto something to eat. Mallika takes fruits for Preeto in her room but Preeto shuts the door and Mallika from the window sees Preeto trying to commit suicide. Mallika starts shouting after which Harak Singh, Rohan, Raavi and everyone went upstairs to save Preeto. Harak Singh breaks the door and he manages to save Preeto in time.

Harak Singh tells Preeto have you gotten mad as without you what will I do. Preeto says that we have no happiness and hope left then why should I live. Mallika says Preeto Ji you can’t lose hope like this,, do you trust me? for Heer’s sake take care of yourself and wait for me. Mallika leaves. Rohan follows Mallika and asks him which hope are you going to bring as I got tired. Mallika says I can’t tell anything right now but what I am going to do if I managed to do then all the problems will be solved after which she left.

Angel was getting ready for the ritual and she gets a call from one of her loyal Kinner. Angel was told that Mallika is going to do something big then Angel says to get her picked up. Goons started following Mallika and she sees them. Ritual for Angel to become Gurumata begins while Goons were following Mallika. Mallika takes the ticket for a bus going to Bathinda and she sits in it. Goons called Angel that Mallika ran away after which she tells them no matter if she is in hell catch her. Angel says Mallika will rebel against her even if she becomes Gurumata so she has to kill her.

Iravan Devta Puja started for Angel to make her Gurumata of Kinner community while Mallika was getting followed by the goons. Angel finally becomes the Gurumata of Kinner community and she leaves for her Abhishek. One Kinner says that wrong has happened as till date only good Kinner’s like Mallika and Soumya were the Gurumata but now the leadership has gone into wrong hands then they prayed to Iravan Devta to send their masiha back. Soumya was shown praying to Goddess Durga in a temple, she throws color and finally her face was revealed.


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