Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein and Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei Mahasangam Episode 24 Sept 2021 Written Updates

Sai and Pulkit went to Principal office and she asked him for the progress about her transfer. He tells Sai to think one more time about her decision. Sai responds I have made my decision. Principal gave the transfer certificate to Sai. Pulkit says that she can stay with him and Devi. Sai says no she can’t stay at his place because Chavan family will come to convince her. She tells Pulkit that she has gotten connected to some of the family members at Chavan family and she will rethink her decision.

Chavan family ladies were doing preparations of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Bells rings and Pakhi thinks that today she will do the aarti of Ganpati Bappa and Virat as well. Pakhi opens the door and Sai was on the door. Ashwini tells Sai to get fresh and be ready for the Bappa’s arrival.

Virat and Samrat were bringing Ganpati Bappa idol together. There were some kids enjoying food and Samrat says I called them. Virat says you did the right thing Jiva. Chikoo tells her friends Local, Flower and Tanki that she is here to meet Virat sir so they should not focus on eating food only.

Virat meets Chikoo and she introduces him to all her friends. She tells him that she has lost her mother and asks Virat for help. Virat assures to help Chikoo. Chikoo and Virat gave a dance performance on Sadda Dil Vi Tu song.

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Virat and Samrat arrived with the Ganpati idol at the Chavan house. Pakhi was going to do aarti but Ashwini says that no Sai will do the aarti because Virat brought Bappa. Ashwini takes away the thali from Pakhi hands and gives it to Sai. Sai did all the rituals and finally they did the murti sthapana.

Ashwini tells Pakhi to make modaks. Pakhi taunts Sai that Bappa will like modaks made by her not like some other people. Samrat reprimands Pakhi for taunting Sai. Pakhi says Sai only likes modaks made by her father and her husband. Virat says I will make modaks so Jiva can see my talent.

Pakhi says Samrat is the elder brother in the house so he will do the aarti tomorrow. Bhavani says she liked that way Pakhi cares about her husband. Samrat says yes I will do the aarti. Pakhi thinks now you will feel jealous Virat seeing Samrat with me.

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