Kundali Bhagya 9 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Rishabh comes drunk at Luthra house

Sherlyn says I will go and inform Prithvi that Rishabh found out the truth about our affair. Sherlyn went in Rishabh’s room but Kritika was there. Sherlyn says she came to ask for the tea and also to take the charger. Sherlyn hints at Prithvi to meet her in a corner. Prithvi went to meet Sherlyn in the kitchen and she says that everyone is over because Rishabh has found the proof of our affair. Sherlyn tells him that he found my earring in your pocket.

Prithvi says that you could have made some excuse. Preeta came in kitchen and says now no excuse will work, your game is finish. She says that tomorrow Rishabh Ji will tell the truth to the whole Luthra family. Preeta takes the water bottle and leave from there.

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Kritika brought a saree for Bani dadi and she says I brought a necklace for Kareena as well and I want to show it to you. Kritika opens the cupboard and gets happy seeing the gifts Rishabh brought for her. She tells Bani Dadi about the gifts and went to thank Rishabh. Kritika asks Preeta, where is Rishabh Bhaiya? Preeta says he is at the event?. Kritika says Rishabh bhaiya is world’s best brother. Preeta thinks that tomorrow your heart will be broken Kritika but it will be best for you.

Rishabh gets drunk at the event with his friend and he starts driving back home in drunk state. He stopped the car midway thinking that he bumped to someone. Karan called Rishabh and he gets shocked knowing Rishabh is drunk. Rishabh comes back home and tells Karan today he will sleep in guest room and advices him never to trust anyone.


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