Dance Deewane Season 3 Episode 2 Performances, Selected Contestants Names 28 Feb 2021 Written Details

Episode 2 of Dance Deewane Season 3 was an absolute blast as we saw thrilling hip hop performance from Gunjan followed by a refreshingly romantic duo dance by Anjali and Sahil but at the end of the night it was Arundhati who stole the show with her fabulous performance on Ang Laga De song as it was super hot and smooth.

Dance Deewane Season 3 EP 2 Contestants Names with Performances, Selections and Rejections

First Solo contestant – Gunjan Sinha – Age 6 Yrs – Gunjan gave a hip hop dance performance on Mundeya Nu Suli Utte Tangi Rakhda Ae song. All three judges pressed the play buzzer even before her performance completes. Dharmesh hugged her and lifted her in his arms after her performance. Tushar Kalia said that Gujan can definitely reach top 3. Gujan also did a few dance steps with Dharmesh Sir.

Second Solo Contestant – Rahul Solanki– Age 23 Yrs – A very emotional intro video was played for Rahul as his father was a gutter cleaner. Dharmesh sir hugged him and calmed him down. Rahul performed on Jee Le Zara song. Dharmesh sir played play button 5 times back to back for him after his performance. Madhuri Dixit also played play button for him after that Tushar called his parents on stage and Dharmesh told his father tea stall emotional story. Tushar called his father and mother to press the play buzzer for him and Rahul’s father pressed it.

Third Solo Contestant – Vikas – Age 38 Yrs – Vikas gave a very bad performance on Muqabala song and he got rejected as Tushar Kalia made fun of him. Vikas ssays he’s an english language trainer and Raghav Juyal had cracked some jokes with him.

Fourth Solo Contestant – Mansi – Age 42 Yrs – Mansi gave a bad performance on Nach Le song. Raghav brought water for her and he cracked some jokes with her. Mansi says my husband works in a Infrastructure company and he makes airports. Raghav brings a chair for Mansi and also water. Raghav asks Mansi to adopt him as he is very poor. Mansi pulled Raghav’s cheeks and he followed her.

Fifth Solo Contestaant – Somansh– Age 7 Yrs – Somansh says Shayri for all three judges and they got too much impressed with his swag. Raghav Juyal joined Somansh on stage and Somansh also makes a shayri on him. Somansh gave a performance on Haye Ni Nakhra Tera Ni song. Madhuri and Dharmesh both pressed play button for Somansh after which Tushar makes a shaayri for him and then pressed the play button. Somansh touched all three judges feet after his performance and after that both Dharmesh and Raghav performed with him on Haye Ni Nakhra Tera Ni song. Somansh says that Dharmesh sir is his favorite judge. Raghav lifts Somansh and he takes him off from stage saying a Shayri for him.

Fifth Duo – Sahil and Anjali – Age 19 and 18 Yrs – Sahil and Anjali gave an open style choreography dance performance on Sunn Re Sakhi Song. All three judges praised both of them a lot andd pressed the play button for them. Judges asked them are they dating each other and they said no after which they had a cute lovey dovey banter between them. Tushar says that their chemistry reminds him of Raghav and Dharmesh jodi.

Sixth Duo – Ajay and Shilpa – Age – 44 and 37 Yrs – Ajay and Shilpa danced on Naino Mei Sapna Song. Madhuri Dixit whistled for them. They both told the judges about their love story. All three judges pressed play button for them. Madhuri Dixit danced with Ajay on Naino Mei Sapna song.

Seventh Solo Contestant – Arundhati– Age 23 Yrs – Arundhati gave a spectacular performance on Awaari song. All three judges pressed the play button for her even before her performance completes as it was that much good. Arundhati got a standing ovation from all three judges for her amazing dance. Madhuri whistled for Arundhati. Arundhati requested Tushar Kalia to do dance on Ang Laga De song with her. Raghav Juyal took off Tushar Kalia’s jacket and shirt after which Arundhati and Tushar gave a very hot dance performance on Ang Laga De song.

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