Kundali Bhagya 13 September 2021 Written Update – Sonakshi meets an accident

Sonakshi cries and begs in front of Luthra’s that Pihu is her daughter and she has full right on her. She says that she gave birth to Pihu. Preeta says Pihu gave birth to a mother that is me. Kareena says why your tone has changed now as you were threatening us earlier.

Pihu came outside her room and she hugs Preeta. Sonakshi gets shocked. Sonakshi says that she accepts Preeta as Pihu’s mother now and she will leave from here now but before that she wants one last hug from Pihu. Karan refuses. Kareena throws Sonakshi outside the house.

Preeta, Karan, Srishti and Kareena follows Sonakshi outside. Preeta was about to give Sonakshi permission to hug Pihu but suddenly Sonakshi gets hit by a car. Luthra’s tells Sarla to convince Preeta that she is the only mother of Pihu and Sarla agrees. Kritika arrived there and she tells them about the accident. Luthra’s rushed to the hospital.

At hospital doctor tells Karan that there can be some serious complications as Snakshi has lost a lot of blood. Nurse informs Luthras that blood group is not available in the blood bank and they need AB- blood. Karan says I will arrange it.

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Sherlyn calls Prithvi and she informs him about the accident. She asks what will happen if Sonakshi dies? Prithvi says Yashwardhan will destroy Luthra’s and Rishabh as well. Prithvi decides to inform Rishabh about the accident.

Kritika spends some fun time with Pihu at home and she becomes her best friend. Karan was finding it difficult to find the blood then he meets Cartel stars Rithvik Dhanjani and Tanuj Virwani. Tanuj helps Karan in arranging the blood and he thanked them.

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