PrimePlay Pehredaar 5 (2023) Web Series Lead Actresses Names, Release Date, Story Info, Pics, and More

Pehredaar 5 web series on PrimePlay OTT platform has been released already and it features a new hot bahu along with a very bold storyline. Along with the new actress, bahu’s from previous seasons including fan favourite Rani Pari is also seen in a spicy avatar in this new series.

What is the name of lead actresses in PrimePlay Pehredaar 5 Web Series?

Komal Ruthala, Anu Morya, Rani Pari, and Priya Gamre are the four main lead actresses in PrimePlay Pehredaar 5 web series.

PrimePlay Web Series Pehredaar 5 (2023) Full Story Written Updates

Aparna gets married to a village boy named Jeevan with the help of a marriage bureau lady. The people of the village tells Jeevan’s father ‘Deep’ that as per the tradition, he has to made his new daughter-in-law pregnant. It turns out that Jeevan’s father is impotent and his wife gives him an idea.

Deep decides to call his friend Ramesh for help. Aparna was waiting for Jeevan in the bedroom for her first night and then she starts imagining things. Aparna imagines about making out with Jeevan in formal clothes in the bedroom on her Suhagraat. Finally her imagination ended, but Jeevan didn’t arrived in the bedroom.

Jeevan’s father makes a phone call to Ramesh but he was making out with both his bahu’s. Finally after enjoying, Ramesh picks up the phone and Jeevan’s father requests him to become the Pehredaar of his bahu Aparna. Ramesh says that he can’t help him. Jeevan’s father sends him the picture of Aparna and Ramesh decides to help him.

Aparna served lunch to her in-laws and Jeevan’s father informs her about the village tradition. Aparna gets shocked knowing that she has to sleep with her Sasur Ji. Aparna says that she won’t do it. Ramesh arrives and Jeevan’s father tells Aparna that his health doesn’t allow him to sleep with her, so from now on his friend Ramesh is her pehredaar. Aparna cries and says that she won’t be able to do it.

Ramesh brings food for Aparna in her room and he tells her that he won’t force her. Aparna thinks that Ramesh is a nice guy. Ramesh tells Deep that his bahu is not obliging and he won’t forcer her. Deep tells him that he will talk to her. Deep gets drunk and he went to his bedroom. Ramesh makes out with Deep’s wife Nirmal in the living room.

Jeevan’s young brother ‘Kamal’ dreams about his bhabhi Aparna in the morning time and in his dream, he makes out with Aparna on the bed.

What is the release date of PrimePlay Pehredaar 5 Web Series?

PrimePlay Pehredaar 5 Web Series will release on Friday, 27 October 2023 at 12:00 AM IST.

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