Primeplay Anokha Rishta (2023) Web Series Actress Names, Pics, Story Written, Cast, All Hot Scenes Info

All 7 episodes of Anokha Rishta web series on PrimePlay OTT APP have been released already and it features three hot actresses in lead roles. Anokha Rishta series focuses on the immorality of gender and relationships. Each episodes includes at least one hot scene and the story is also very interesting. All the female leads have done a wonderful job when it comes to showing off their sexy bodies in this series.

PrimePlay APP’s Anokha Rishta web series includes Sasur Bahu romance scene, cousin sisters lesbian scenes, blackmail threesome scene between old servant and two young girls, romance scene between cousin brother and cousin sister. All three actresses in Anokha Rishta web series can be seen completely topless and the hot scenes are quite lengthy as well as enjoyable.

PrimePlay Anokha Rishta (2023) Web Series Full Story Written Updates with All Hot Scenes Pics :

The story of Anokha Rishta starts with the bedroom romance between a husband wife duo named Raghav and Radhika. While they were making love on the bed, Radhika’s sasur Shyam Lal spies on them from the bedroom window. Raghav fails to completely satisfy Radhika and Shyam Lal says that todays boys lacks in strength.

Raghav goes out of town for some office work and taking advantage of the opportunity, Radhika’s sasur Shyam Lal makes out with her forcefully in the bedroom. Radhika decides to go to her Mayka (parents home) in order to avoid making out with her sasur again. Radhika’s sasur came in the bedroom and he saw her packing her bags. Her sasur tried to force her again but Raghav catches him and then he throws his father out of the house.

After getting thrown out of the house by his son, Shyam Lal gets hired by a joint family as their servant and he gets excited seeing their two hot young daughters named Seema and Gunjan. They both are cousin sisters. The family also has a son named Rajan and he is a member of a political party which is completely against LGBT community.

It turns out that Seema and Gunjan are lesbian lovers and they were keeping their romantic relationship hidden from their family. Seema and Gunjan makes out in a hotel room. Next day, Rajan tells his family that he recently caught two lesbian girls and his party punished them. Seema & Gunjan gets tensed hearing this and Shyam Lal notices the concern on their faces.

Next morning, Seema and Gunjan leaves for the hotel and Shyam Lal follows them. Seema and Gunjan started making out once again in the hotel room and Shyam Lal spies on them from the window. Shyam Lal makes a video of Seema and Gunjan’s lesbian romance on his mobile phone.

Seema was studying in her room and Shyam Lal entered the room. He started touching her body and Seema pushes him aside. He started blackmailing Seema by showing her the video of lesbian romance between her and Gunjan in the hotel room. Shyam Lal forcefully makes out with Seema on the bed.

Seema tells Gunjan that they both need to have threesome with Shyam Lal because he has recorded their lesbian romance video. Shyam Lal came in the room and Gunjan offered her money, but he rejected her offer by saying that they both need to make love with him no matter what. Gunjan and Seema agrees after which all both of them had threesome romance with Shyam Lal.

Rajan gets suspicious about Shyam Lal and he started spying on him. He catches Shyam Lal red handed, while he was blackmailing Gunjan and Seema. Shyam Lal showed the lesbian video of Seema and Gunjan to Ranjan. He tells Rajan that we both can have fun, you will make love with Seema and I will make love with Gunjan.

Shyam Lal tells Rajan that you are a member of Dharma Party and you need to punish these lesbians to keep them disciplined. Rajan makes out with his cousin sister Seema in one room and at the same time Shyam Lal makes out with Gunjan in the other room.

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PrimePlay Anokha Rishta (2023) Web Series Full Star Cast Info with Actors and Actresses Names :

  • Alok Nath Pathak as Shyam Lal (Sasur Ji and Servant)
  • Rohee Rohe as Radhika (Shyam Lal’s Bahu and Raghav’s Wife)
  • Tripti Berra as Gunjan (Seema’s cousin sister and lesbian lover)
  • Jullie Borra as Seema (Gunjan’s cousin sister and lesbian lover)

PrimePlay Anokha Rishta (2023) Web Series All Hot Scenes Details with Episode no. and Actresses Involved :

  • Episode 1 – Raghav and Radhika hot husband wife romance scene in Bedroom.
  • Episode 2 – Shyam Lal aka Sasur forces her Bahu Radhika in the bedroom
  • Episode 3 – Lesbian cousin sisters Seema and Gujan makes love with each other in hotel room.
  • Episode 4 – Servant Shyam Lal records the romance video of lesbian lovers Seema and Gunjan making out in hotel room.
  • Episode 5 – Servant Shyam Lal blackmails Seema and forcefully makes out with her in bedroom.
  • Episode 6 – Servant Shyam Lal’s threesome with Seema and Gunjan in the bedroom
  • Episode 7 – Rajan forcefully makes out with his cousin sister Seema in bedroom and Shyam Lal makes out with Gunjan in the other bedroom.

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