PrimePlay Parivartan (2023) Web Series Actress Names, Pics, Story Written, Cast, All Hot Scenes Info

Parivartan web series has been released on PrimePlay OTT APP and it’s episodes are filled with hot scenes featuring two beautiful desi actresses. The story of Pariivartan revolves around a family of four members and things gets interesting when one of the member dies due to a tragic plane crash.

PrimePlay APP’s Parivartan web seris consists of husband wife romance scene, romance between lady boss and peon in office, self pleasure scene, lesbian hot scene between Saas and Bahu. Both the lead actresses in PrimePlay Parivartan web series have done a mind blowing job when it comes to showing off their stunning bodies in front of the camera.

PrimePlay Parivartan (2023) Web Series Full Story Written Updates with All Hot Scenes Pics :

Story of PrimePlay web series Parivartan starts with Mukesh and his father celebrating their marriage anniversary with their wives by cutting cakes with them and giving them a special surprise at midnight. Manisha tells her mother-in-law that she is very lucky that she came in this family as a bride.

At night Mukesh decorated the bed with flowers for Manisha and then she came wearing a sexy nighty. Manisha and Mukesh started making out on the bed and Manisha enjoyed the entire experience a lot.

Mukesh’s father was waiting in the bedroom for his wife as he brought some short clothes for her to wear. She came wearing the short dress and he started praising her beauty. Both the husband wife duo started making out in the bedroom and the lady told the guy that she has enjoyed today a lot, and in return he complimented her by saying that you have also maintained yourself very well.

Next morning, Mukesh was leaving to go out of town for some office work and Manisha was sad because he was leaving on their marriage anniversary. Mukesh told Manisha that she needs to make some sacrifices in life to live a good life. Manisha assures Mukesh that behind his back she will take good care of his father and his mother.

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Finally the day of Mukesh’s arrival came and Manisha was very excited about it. All of a sudden, Manisha received a call on her phone and lady told her that Mukesh’s flight has been crashed and he died, hearing this news entire family started crying.

One year later, Manisha was working in a office cabin and her mother suggested her on the phone to marry someone else, but Manisha refused. The peon entered Manisha’s cabin with a glass of water for her, but somehow the water fell on Manisha and she told him to bring coffee for her now.

The peon gently started touching Manisha’s body and she got excited. Manisha in her excitement started making out with peon on the office desk and couch. In the end it turns out that all of that was only a dream of peon. Peon went out to bring the coffee and Manisha looked at Mukesh’s pic and he said that I love you a lot, but I don’t understand how I will handle everything.

Later that night, Mukesh’s mother was upset that her son died and now Manisha’s has to fulfil all the responsibilities. Her husband brought ice cream for her to make her mood better and after eating the ice cream they both started making out. Manisha hears their sounds and she saw them making out through the window.

Manisha got excited and she started touching herself by seeing the romance of Mukesh’s parents. She took of her clothes and then she started giving pleasure to herself with a tube, while sitting on a table.

Next morning, Manisha makes food for her in-laws and then she leaves for work. Maukesh’s mother tells her husband that it’s his duty now to satisfy Manisha and her desires because she is feeling very lonely without Mukesh. He finally gets convinced and agrees to satisfy Manisha on bed.

Later that night, Manisha was in her room and her in-laws came. Her mother-in-law told her that from now on Mukesh’s father will satisfy you and fill-in the void in her life caused by Mukesh’s absence. Manisha gets shocked hearing all this, but her father-in-law tells her that he agrees with his wife’s decision and it’s his duty to keep Manisha happy. Manisha’s mother-in-law leaves the room and she was left alone in the room with her Sasur.

Manisha’s Sasur started by putting sindoor in her maang and then he puts Mangalsutra around her neck. He told her that from now on, he is like her husband. Manisha and her Sasur started making out in the bedroom and she enjoyed a lot.

Manisha told her Saas next morning that she is very happy and it’s all happened due to her sacrifice. Later that night, Manisha panned to do a threesome with her Saas & Sasur in the bedroom and all three of them made love with each other. During that night, Manisha’s Sasur received a call from his brother and his brother informed him that he is coming at their house to stay with them for a few days. Manisha and her in-laws decided to keep their dirty secrets hidden from him.

Brijesh’s (Manisha’s Sasur) brother came to his house and he told Manisha to always keep Pallu on her head. He also warned Manisha and her Saas to never touch him because he is bound by oath after his wife’s death.

In the night, Manisha started getting desperate for making love and finally she came to her in-laws room. Brijesh and his wife started making out with Manisha. Brijesh’s brother gets up to do Yoga and he gets shocked hearing the voices of two ladies from Brijesh’s room. He came in his room and caught all three of them making out on the bed.

Brijesh’s brother started screaming on Manisha in anger but she managed to seduce him and finally all four of them ended up doing a foursome make out in the bedroom.

PrimePlay Parivartan (2023) Web Series Full Star Cast Info with Actresses Names :

  • Gurmeet Kaur as Manisha(Mukesh’s wife)
  • Annu Morya (Mukesh’s mother and Manisha’s mother-in-law)

PrimePlay Parivartan (2023) Web Series All Hot Scenes Details with Episode no. and Actresses Involved :

  • Episode 1 – Mukesh and Manisha hot anniversary celebration scene in the bedroom.
  • Episode 2 – Mukesh’s parents romance on their marriage anniversary in the bedroom
  • Episode 3 – Manisha and Peon hot scene in the office on table and couch.
  • Episode 4 – Manisha’s in-laws making out in the bedroom and Manisha giving self pleasure to herself with a tube after spying on them through window .
  • Episode 5 – Manisha’s father in law ‘Brijesh’ makes out with her on bed and couch.
  • Episode 6 – Threesome romance scene between Manisha and her father-in-law & mother-in-law.
  • Episode 7 – Foursome love making scene between Manisha, Brijesh, Brijesh’s wife, and Brijesh’s elder brother.

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