Preeta calls Mahira her Souten – Kundali Bhagya 3 September 2020 Episode Written

Karan asks what is going on then the NGO leader woman says that let me tell you, wedding has happened and dulhan grah pravesh is happening. She introduced herself as Gaytri and her other NGO members as Promila and Ganga then she says as I said we are from NGO. Ramona says yes we got it that you people fight for woman rights but what are you doing here. Gaytri asks Preeta is she you mother-in-law then Preeta says no she is the mother of Mahira so she is guest of guest. Kareena says what rubbish are you talking about. Gaytri says oh sour talk is she your mother-in-law. Preeta says this is my whole family and let me introduce you all to my family.

Preeta introduced Rakhi Luthra saying she is her mother-in-law and she praised her motherly behaviour and touched her feet. Rakhi says I am not her mother-in-law hearing which Preeta gets sad. Preeta then introduced Kareena as her bua saas and she touched her feet as well but Kareena got them away. After that Preeta introduced Bani Dadi as her Dadi saas. Preeta then introduced Rishabh Luthra as her Jeth Ji and her best friend. Preeta then gave introduction of Sameer as her Devar. Preeta then introduced Sherlyn as her Jethani in a taunting way. After that Preeta introduced Kritika as her Nanad. At last Preeta introduced Karan as her husband saying we are made for each other and he is a very good human but right now he is blinded by misunderstanding. Preeta says as I have introduced you to my family so now I want to talk to them first as today I have come to my house.

Prithvi tells Janki we will talk peacefully understand. He tells what were you saying Sarla aunty damad, what kind of damad who doesn’t recognize your daughter as his wife and what kind of family, the family which doesn’t recognize Preeta as their bahu. Prithvi says that if Preeta leaves Karan and comes to him then he will keep her happy. Prithvi tells Sarla to tell Preeta to leave stone like Karan and come to diamond like Prithvi. He sayss that this exchange offer is for limited time. Prithvi says if I leave from their house today then your daughter will remain single forever and you will remain without any damaad. So tell your daughter to grab this offer now otherwise people will talk bad about Preeta saying that how much she fell down for Karan Luthra and Karan Luthra doesn’t even look at her. Sarla raised her hand to slap Prithvi but Prithvi grabs her hand.

Preeta says to Karan that her mother says that after marriage a girls house is her husband’s house. Karan says she is doing acting as this is not her house and neither she is my wife so just get out from here. Preeta says how long will you say this. Karan says I will say this thousand times so remember Preeta Arora I will never let your plans to get accomplished and I will never let you enter this house. Mahira says you are a very strange woman as you are calling my Karan yours then Preeta says stay away and I am telling you last time don’t you dare again call my Karan yours. Mahira says what did you thought that you will bring these people here and will get your rights. Preeta says I never expected grace from you but I am warning you to go and stand quiet in a corner otherwise it will be very bad for you.

Karan says bad what bad as you are doing bad with us so leave from here Preeta Arora. Preeta says atleast you take my right name its Preeta Karan Luthra. Preeta says you gave me this name when you married me behind the sehra. Karan says oh so now you remember it where were you till now. Promila says so now even Karan accepted that he married Preeta earlier and today the marriage happened for the 2nd time so Preeta will stay here and you have to respect her. Sherlyn says we will not obey you. Gaytri says so don’t accept but the consequences will be bad as we will file a fraud case against you and if you don’t know about law well then I will tell you as Karan’s career will be destroyed. Baani Dadi says this always happens as the side of the girl always taken as we are saying Karan did not married her so why are you not agree to that. Karan says exactly Preeta Arora is not my wife and if she was my wife then she would not have brought outsiders so I don’t want to give anymore proof then that so get out and you too, he tells Preeta. Karan throws Preeta’s bag outside and tells her to get out.

Janki tells Prithvi to leave Sarla’s hand then he calls her Buriya and had an argument with her. Prithvi asked Sarla what wrong I said as I said to tell your daughter to leave stone and grab diamond. Prithvi says lying in front of Sarla that its my mistake that I always lie in front of you and you people stomp on me. Prithvi gets up and says that I am not a dog but its my mistake that you slap me without any mistake. Prithvi grabs Sarla’s hand again and says Aunty ji na ji na don’t you dare raise your hand again because from today onwards I will not tolerate this. Srishti came there and rushes towards Prithvi saying that hey Prithvi Malhotra leave my mother’s hand. Srishti smelled her and says that you came here drunk, how dare you came here drunk. Srishti pushes Prithvi away. Prithvi tells Srishti to stay in your limits as you are a girl. Srishti says keep quiet as I will break your legs. Prithvi says you loudmouth talk with respect as I can put stamp of Saali on you. Srishti says that I won’t even keep you as my free servent so saali my foot. Srishti tells him that Preeta went to Srishti’s real brother-in-law Karan sir to stay with him so you leave.

Preeta tells NGO women see how he behaves with me. Promila says Mr Karan you cannot behave with her like this. Karan says oh really now you will tell me how I will behave with others. Karan further says that you should teach Preeta on how to behave then Karan calls Preeta a 4th fail Doctor. Preeta says see that he is calling me a 4th fail doctor but I am a certified doctor. Promila says that when we were not here how will you behave with her. Preeta says you can’t image how badly he insults me. Karan says don’t talk like that otherwise I will get angry. Preeta says as he is not angry right now so he is talking this badly but when he will get angry what will he do with me. Karan says till now I haven’t done anything but. Promila says that you cannot threaten her like this. Kareena says excuse me what happened to you was that a threat. Gaytri says that to me it seems you threat the most in this house as you are the most angry woman. Kareena says listen then Baani Dadi holds her hand shutting her up. Gaytri says that holding hand won’t work but you should take care of relations and tells your grandson to accept his wife. Sherlyn says that even Dadi doesn’t like Preeta. Mahira says that you people can’t pressurise Karan like this. Ramona says that it will be good for you if you people leave from here. Mahira says yes leave. Preeta says that if anyone leave from here then its you as who are you to talk in between. Gaytri asks who is this girl by the way and whats her relation in this house. Preeta says Souten.

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