Prachi Convinces Rahul – Kumkum Bhagya 27 July 2020 Episode Written

Pallavi gets worried and asks Beeji about the guests saying who are these people mummy ji and Beeji says you don’t worry Puttar as all these guests are from Mrs. Chaubey’s side. Pallavi says this wedding can be stopped if Maya says no to this wedding as she is feeling like she is from the bride’s family and not the groom’s. Beeji praises Ranbir and Pallavi says that Mrs. Chaubey told her that Maya is lucky because after her marriage she is going to have a mother-in-law like her. Pallavi further says she wants to show her acting of a real mother-in-law and project herself as a bad mother-in-law. Beeji tells Pallavi that you are a bad actor and that’s why I will do the acting. Pallavi says ok.

Beeji goes to rehearsal. Pallavi thinks where is Prachi, if she had been here then she would have handled the situation. Prachi and Shahana come to Rahul’s bedroom. Rahul comes out of bathroom and asks who are they? Prachi asks if he didn’t identify her. Rahul asks are you Deepika Padukone. Ranbir thinks of Prachi and smiles (Subhan Allah song plays in the background). Maya comes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks what are you doing here? Maya says today is our sangeet. Ranbir asks did you meet Maa? Maya says no. He says I care for someone I love and recalls Pallavi telling that she will slap Maya. Maya says so sweet. Mr. Chaubey, his wife and Dushyant come there. Mrs. Chaubey greets Pallavi. Vikram comes there. Dushyant asks about Abhi. Pallavi takes maya to show the room. Dushyant says where is Ranbir? Ranbir thinks they will torture him now.

Prachi tells Rahul that she and her friend came last night. Rahul says yes and asks how did you come here. Shahana says you were drunk and must have left the door open. Rahul says he was drunk. He asks them about Maya. Prachi tells that they came to invite him for Maya’s sangeet. Rahul says I will not come. Prachi says if you don’t support her, then who will do it. She says this marriage is happening forcibly. She asks if you can see Maya going with someone else. Rahul says no. Shahana repeats whatever Prachi said.

Prachi tells Rahul that Maya is in depression and can do anything wrong. She says Maya is getting married to Ranbir. She asks him to come there and take Maya from there, else run away with Maya, become Rahul of DDLJ. Shahana says it is overacting. Prachi says people die for love and asks if he can’t do this for Maya. Rahul says I can’t let Maya marry someone else and tells that he will come with them. He goes to get ready. Prachi and Shahana gets happy. Prachi picks Ranbir’s call and tells that they are searching groom for Maya and will bring Rahul. Ranbir gets happy.

Sarita behen asks Pragya what she had hidden from her. Pragya says I told you everything. Sarita behen asks who was that man in Mehrouli house? She says she saw him closer to her. Pragya says he was Prachi’s father and tells that he was drunk and that’s why she brought him here. Sarita behen says she got upset as she thought Mr. Mehra and she is good pair. Pragya says Mr. Mehra will get good girl. Sarita behen says not good than you.

Abhi tells Vikram that he can’t stay here and see the ceremony, says don’t know what happened to Ranbir’s choice. Vikram says I have to stay here. Abhi says I don’t know why Ranbir is stopping me from doing anything. Vikram says you knows Ranbir well. Abhi says you are not a father, but butcher. He says there shall be good bonding with son. Vikram says he is more closer to you than me, and my love seems to be less than your love. He asks how do you know about him, much before he tells and you fulfills his wish. Abhi asks him not to act and get emotional. Vikram says now competition has increased, I have to proof my love for my son. Now there is three competitors, Pallavi, Abhi and me. Abhi asks him to become Ranbir’s friend and asks him to ignore his mistakes, so that he shares everything. Vikram says he shares with me so many things and asks what are the things which you know? Abhi recalls asking about love and tells that he will leave now. Vikram thinks he has a good bonding with his sons and thinks if Abhi knows something which I don’t know.

Prachi and Shahana came back home and tells that they have brought groom for Maya and convinced Rahul. Prachi says it is good. Prachi tells that they shall give the gift so that their visit shall look genuine. Sarita behen asks her to buy from the mall. Pragya says ok, she will go and bring. Vikram tells Dushyant that Abhi had gone to the mall. Dushyant sees Prachi and Shahana coming there and recalls her words. Dushyant asks Mr. Chaubey if he saw her and tells that because of her mom, they went to police station and he feels that Maya’s marriage can be cancelled because of her.

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