Kareena throws Preeta out of Luthra House – Kundali Bhagya 25 August 2020 Episode Written

Kareena asks Preeta that why she came to Mahesh’s room even when she was told that she cannot go there. Kareena takes Preeta away from Mahesh’s room.. Mahira argues with Sherlyn as she blamed Sherlyn that Sherlyn wants to burn her because she knows that Sherlyn’s plan has failed. Both of them got into a big argument, Mahira drops the Kerosene bottle on the floor, Sherlyn explains to Mahira that she has planned to threaten the Luthra family and Mahira must go out saying that she will burn herself because otherwise no one will accept her as their daughter in law. Mahira agrees with the plan saying that she should have explained like this and they both start searching for another bottle and eventually finds it, they agree to go outside in the hall.

Kareena was dragging Preeta threatening to throw her out of the house as no one in Luthra house would accept her as their daughter in law. Mahira comes to the living room and threatens to burn herself, she sets fire and was about to catch fire, everyone gets really shocked and try to stop her but she actually catches fire and everyone stops her but it turned out that it was Mahira’s dream after which she say that she can’t do this as its dangerous. Bani Dadi gets dizzy, everyone reaches to help her, Rishabh calms her down explaining that she should not take so much stress, Kareena was dragging Preeta and they stopped after seeing Bani Dadi bad condition, Preeta gets concerned for her however she gets stopped by Dadi, Sherlyn and Mahira also come to the hall, Ramona asks where is the smell of kerosene coming from, Sherlyn says that it is coming from Mahira as she tried to take her own life, Ramona tries to throw Preeta out of the house. Preeta mentions that she knows that Mahira cannot take her life as she is not the one and instead has the ability to take someone else’s life.

Preeta says that she knows that they believe she has married karan by deceiving them all, she has accepted it and they have the right but it cannot be Ramona who is not from the family, Kareena takes her hand saying that she and the Luthra family want her to leave the house, Preeta turns to Rakhi saying that she considers Preeta as her daughter then why is she quiet, Dadi steps in mentioning that she is really clever as she went to Rakhi who she knows has a soft corner for Preeta, Rakhi says that she knows everyone in the family loves Karan but she is his mother so has some right over all of them, she asks Preeta to leave the house before going upstairs.

Kareena grabs Preeta’s hand then throws her out of the house, Srishti and Sameer both try to help her but are stopped by the family members and they were not letting her go, Karan remember the vows which he took in wedding but when he goes to help her, he stops in the Mandap. Srishti was able to break free and runs to help her sister, Preeta crying holds her hand for karan who does not come to help her, both the sisters were crying, Srishti helps her sister stand, Karan was also standing as if he is deaf and with no feelings, they both see each other as complete strangers. Kareena and Ramona close the doors of the house, Karan leaves the hall going back to his room.

Rakhi was walking when Rishabh comes asking what has she done, Rakhi asks him to say it clearly, Rishabh mentions that she feels that it is something so small because he knows Preeta and she might have asked Rakhi because she knew that Rakhi would take her side, Rakhi mentions that she had trusted and knows that Preeta has also trusted her which is why she has given this order in front of everyone, Rishabh says that she has done wrong by throwing Preeta out, he cannot explain it to her, Rakhi says that she has always taken the side of Preeta because she felt that she was a good and kind hearted soul, however what she has done now cannot be accepted so she ordered her to leave the house.

Rakhi further says that she always stood by Preeta even when everyone was against her she went to her wedding and even slapped Karan when he married Preeta in disguise but now what Preeta has done cannot be accepted so she has ordered her to leave the house, Rakhi says that she cannot stand with anyone who is wrong and always does what she feels is right, so she has done what she felt is right and knows that if Mahesh would have been well he would have done the same thing as Preeta has broken their trust. Rishabh says that she has done wrong by sending Preeta out of the house, Rakhi however refuses to accept it by saying that she does not want any discussion over the issue and leaves, Rishabh wonders what has happened to his mother as she was the only one In the house to stand by Preeta but he cannot comprehend what has gotten into her.

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