Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Twist – Will Rhea succeed in throwing Prachi out of the house?, Who will Ranbir trust?

ZEE TV’s Popular daily soap Kumkum Bhagya is witnessing major drama happening at the Kohli mansion now a days. As we saw recently Prachi and Ranbir got married once again and this came as a big jolt to the evil plans of Rhea, Pallavi and Alia. But it seems even after all this Rhea has not yet accepted her defeat as she is still adamant on throwing Prachi out of the Kohli house and to execute her plans further she made Prachi sign some guilt admission papers while Prachi was in drunk state.

In todays January 5, 2022 episode you will see Daljeet informing Ranbir about his remarriage with Prachi and at first he will be seen in shock but later he got happy imagining that it might be a new beginning for him and Prachi together. Rhea vows to throw Prachi out of the Kohli house as soon as early morning and she tells about her plans to both her evil buddies Pallavi and Alia.

But all of a sudden the tables gets turned as Prachi tells Rhea that she knows about how Rhea made her sign those fake guilt admission papers yesterday when Prachi was in drunk state. It was revealed that Shahana informed Prachi about Rhea’s evil plans when she woke up.

Prachi even blamed Ranbir by saying that she thinks that Ranbir is also involved with Rhea in her plan and he is the one who made her intoxicated by mixing something in her drink. Prachi gets shocked once she knows from Ranbir that they both got married again. Alia takes this as an opportunity and she blamed Prachi saying how can she not remember about her remarriage with Ranbir last night but she remembers that Rhea made her sign those papers. Prachi stands quiet.

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