MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 15 Recap: What Happened on May 18, 2024? Full Written Updates

The latest episode of MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 15 aired on May 18, 2024, and it was filled with drama, romance, and intense competition. The episode kicked off with Digvijay and Unnati enjoying a romantic moment in their bedroom early in the morning. Meanwhile, Akriti visited Addy and Kashish’s room to motivate them for the upcoming challenge, determined to prevent Digvijay and Unnati from becoming the ideal couple.

As the Splitsvillains prepared for their next challenge, they met Tanuj Virwani at the challenge location. Dewangini informed Tanuj that Divyansh had significantly controlled his anger and aggression. Sachin praised Ishita and proposed to her with a lovely shayari, attempting to make Digvijay jealous. Digvijay, however, expressed his hope that Sachin wouldn’t play with Ishita’s feelings.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 15 Team Digvijay for Lambi Judaai task

The episode took a dramatic turn when Yuvraj revealed that his connection, Shobhika, had told him she was dating someone outside the show and couldn’t get too close to him. Shobhika clarified that she wasn’t currently dating anyone but had recently gone through a breakup, complicating things. Tanuj advised them to sort things out after the challenge.

Lambi Judaai Challenge:

Tanuj Virwani announced the Lambi Judaai challenge, which involved trios performing a series of tasks. The challenge had multiple phases, including picking a shovel with a hook, digging holes to find keys, unlocking a chest, and marking a book page to put someone in the danger zone.

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The three trios competing were:

  1. Sachin, Ishita, and Dewangini
  2. Addy, Kashish, and Anicka
  3. Digvijay, Unnati, and Ruru

Sachin, Ishita, and Dewangini went first. They faced difficulties during the digging phase, and ultimately, they decided to put Dewangini in the danger zone.

Addy, Kashish, and Anicka performed next, with Addy excelling in the digging phase. They unanimously decided to put Anicka in the danger zone.

Digvijay, Unnati, and Ruru went last. Ruru struggled with the shovel, but with Digvijay’s guidance, she managed to complete the task. Despite some disagreements, Ruru accidentally put herself in the danger zone by marking her own name.

Anicka, Kashish, and Addy team for Lambi Judaai challenge on MTV Splitsvilla X5

Challenge Results:

  1. Sachin, Ishita, and Dewangini finished in third place with a time of 19 minutes and 6 seconds. All three were placed in the danger zone.
  2. Digvijay, Unnati, and Ruru came second with a time of 12 minutes and 54 seconds. Digvijay and Ruru were in the danger zone, while Unnati was safe.
  3. Addy, Kashish, and Anicka finished first with a time of 9 minutes and 11 seconds. Addy and Kashish were safe, while Anicka was in the danger zone.

Back at the villa, Digvijay apologized to Ruru for blaming her during the task, and Ruru accepted his apology. Harsh received a mischief box from the mischief maker Uorfi, containing an invitation to the Love Den, which concerned Rushali. Harsh went to the Love Den and met his ex-girlfriend, Shubhi Joshi, who expressed her desire to break his current relationship with Rushali.

The episode was packed with emotional moments, strategic gameplay, and unexpected twists, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next episode of MTV Splitsvilla 15.

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