Naagin Season 6 Episode 17 Written Updates 9 April 2022 – Pratha throws Reem out of Gujral house

Rishabh tells Pratha that I want to talk to you and Pratha says tell. Rishabh says if you want to move on in life then you are free. Rishabh apologized to Pratha for talking badly with her. Pratha says I did not got the answer of my questions. Rishabh says by tomorrow morning you will get your answer and I know that tomorrow we won’t be together. Anya called Rishabh outside.

Reem tells Rishabh that you have to show Pratha that you don’t want to stay in relationship with her and you have moved on with me. Reem and Rishabh danced on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil while Pratha was watching them. Pratha came dancing on Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh and she was getting emotional. Yash danced with Pratha on Lag Ja Gale song.

Pratha thinks that Rishabh doesn’t love her but she has fallen in love with Rishabh but she hasn’t been made for love. Mahek tells Pratha that Vivaan and Rihaan are going for hunting and Pratha says we will go for hunting as well. Pratha tells Mahek that tonight is the last night of her and Rishabh together. Mahek says then how will we kill the rest of Asurs. Pratha says we have found 4 Asurs and only 1 left but till the time she won’t find the last one, she won’t relax.

Pratha tells Mahek that she can’t do the drama of being Rishabh’s wife anymore and Mahek asks why, have you fallen in love with him? Whole Gujral family went to the jungle for hunting. Pratha sits in Yash’s jeep and Rishabh got jealous seeing it. Reem tells Yash that Rishabh and Pratha doesn’t love each other and Pratha is not pregnant with Rishabh’s child. She also tells him that Rishabh loves her and he married Pratha only to prove a point.

Yash says I heard a lot of snakes comes in this jungle and Pratha says yes Icchadaari snakes. Rihaan says are you guys mad. Pratha says Diya also came in the jungle 3 times but she doesn’t know with whom. Pratha punctures the tyre of the jeep with her powers. Vivaan started romancing Samaira in the jungle but a tiger came there. Rihaan grabbed the rifle to shoot the tiger but Pratha came there in her Naagin form and she grabbed Rihaan by her tail. Rihaan gets shocked seeing Pratha in her Naagin form. Pratha and Tiger started fighting.

Reem and Rishabh meets the detective to get the information about Pratha. The detective says that there is nothing wrong with Pratha and her father, they both are good people. Reem tells Rishabh that now you found out Pratha is not wrong then its time to leave him. Pratha defeated the tiger after which she started giving lecture to Rihaan in her Naagin form and he begs her to leave him in return he won’t tell anyone that she is Naagin. Pratha burns Rihaan.

Next morning Rishabh, Reem, and Vivaan came back home and Seema tells them that Rihaan has not arrived home yet. Reem tells Rishabh that now he can leave Pratha. Rishabh went to bedroom and he tells Pratha that he doesn’t want to stay with her anymore and she can leave now.

Reem tells Urvashi that she bribed the detective to lie to Rishabh that Pratha is innocent because till the time Rishabh will have doubt on her, he won’t leave her. Rishabh tells Pratha that he loves Reem and the relation between him & Pratha was fake as well as their marriage and he wants to end it now. Pratha leaves from the room.

Pratha comes outside the room with a bag and Seema asks her where is she going. Pratha drops the bag and there were Reem’s shampoo’s inside it. Pratha says its Reem’s bag and she wants Reem to leave from this house now. Urvashi says how dare you talk to my daughter like that and she tried to slap Pratha. Pratha grabbed Urvashi’s hand and then she blamed Urvashi for her bad upbringing. Seema shouts at Pratha and Pratha says that Reem has bad intentions about Rishabh but she is his wife and she won’t break her relation with him as she won’t allow anyone to break their relation.

Pratha requests Seema to throw Reem out of the Gujral house. Seema orders Reem to get out of the house because she can’t see her sons life getting destroyed. Pratha tells Reem to pack her bags and leave. Mahek comes back. Rihaan comes back with Samaira and Mahek got shocked seeing him alive.

Pratha tells Mahek that things changed at last moment when she was going to kill Rihaan. Flashback shown – Rihaan received a phone call and Pratha picked the phone. The person on the calls says that Rihaan has to fulfil his fathers mission. Pratha then leaves Rihaan and she hypnotized him after which he lost his memory.

Rishabh tries to stop Reem but she tells him that Pratha insulted her but he did not said a single word so now go back to your wife. Rishabh comes back inside and he lifts Pratha on his back and took her outside. Rishabh asked Pratha, why did she throw Reem out, has she fallen in love with him. Pratha had a romantic eye contact with Rishabh. Rishabh burns a fire circle around them and then he asked her again does she love him? Pratha says yes I love you and I am madly in love with you.

Pratha says that she doesn’t have any reason to love him but still she fallen in love with Rishabh. She confessed her feelings and says that he is the one for whom she can do everything. She says that he came in her life out of nowhere, she doesn’t know why she loves him but when she is with him she feels safe.

Rishabh tells Pratha that he promised Reem that for whole life he will keep on loving her but after his marriage with her. Pratha started laughing and then she says she was doing drama as if she could marry his brother for money then why not him, did he really thought that she is in love with him. Pratha turned and started crying. She turned and says she doesn’t love him at all. Rishabh says if you don’t love me then why are you not leaving. Pratha says its not easy to get rid of her.

Rishabh asks then what are you, I don’t understand. Pratha responds its not easy to understand me. Pratha says I don’t care whether I married you or your brother till the time I get money. Pratha tells Rishabh that he can divorce her but then he has to give her a lot of alimony. He can let her enjoy with the money and he can enjoy with his girlfriend after giving divorce. Rishabh leaves and Pratha cries.

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