Dance Deewane Season 3 Episode 5 Mega Auditions, Gunjan vs Somansh Battle, 13 March 2021 Written Details

First round auditions of DD3 (Dance Deewane Season 3) are over and today the mega auditions started after which top 15 will get selected. In the latest episode We saw a fantastic hip hop dance battle between Gunjan and Somansh also Arundhati once again amazed everyone especially Tushar sir with her dance. Bharti Singh & Haarsh Limbachiyaa joined Raghav Juyal and they cracked a lot of funny jokes. In the end another dance battle happened between Chanveer vs Papai and Antara.

Dance Deewane Season 3 EP 5 Contestants Names with Performances, Selections and Rejections

First Solo contestant – Aman Kumar Raj – Age 8 Yrs – Aman delivered so Govinda’s iconic dialogues on his entry. He danced on Neeche Phoolon Ki Dukaan Upar Gori Ka Makaan song. Madhuri whistled on his performance. All three judges praised him on his dance. Dharmesh asked his father what if Aman didn’t get selected today? Aman father says that he will tell him to work harder. Dharmesh pressed play after which both Madhuri and Tushar pressed play as well as a result of which Aman reached top 15. Aman’s father says that he’s very happy seeing Madhuri mam after which Madhuri blushed.

Second Solo Contestant – Rahul Solanki – Age 23 Yrs – Rahul gave a spectacular performance on Saara Jahan Dastak Na De song. Rahul’s mother turned during his performance after which judges called her on stage and she says that she gets a bit scared. Dharmesh says that sometimes he doesn’t get timing right hearing this Tushar says that he needs practice. Tushar pressed play for Rahul after this Madhuri pressed play as well. Dharmesh sir says he can’t give him play but he announced that he want him as his assistant in his group and he pressed rewind for him.

Third Solo Contestant – Jamuna – Age 44 Yrs – Raghav brings Jamuna on stage closing her eyes with his hands. Raghav tells Jamuna that Madhuri Dixit is not here today and Bharti Singh will take her place hearing this she gets sad but finally Madhuri comes and Jamuna gets happy. Jamuna danced on Chane Ke Khet Mein song. Madhuri praised Jamuna on her typical Bollywood performance after which she whistled for her. Tushar pressed play for Jamuna after that Dharmesh pressed play as well. Finally Madhuri Dixit pressed play for Jamuna and she gets selected in top 15. Bharti Singh took a selfie with Jamuna after that.

Fourth Battle – Gunjan vs Somansh –

First Somansh – Age 6 Yrs – Somansh went first and he danced on Ke Ghungroo Toot Gaye song. All the judges called after his dance. Somansh made a Shayri on Bharti Singh and she loved it. Somansh then made another Shayri on Bharti and Harsh calling them Motu aur Patlu ki Jodi. Finally Somansh delivered some lovely Shayri’s for all three judges.

Second Gunjan – Age 6 Yrs – Gunjan gave a mind boggling dance performance on Ye Ladki Pagal Ae song. All three judges stood up for her after her dance. Dharmesh lifted her after her dance. Tushar sir says that he has never seen such a little girl doing such good hip hop. Dharmesh says that this performance of hers was even better then the last one. Madhuri whistled for Gunjan. Gunjan says that she is learning dance since last 2 years. Bharti says that she wants to see Gunjan in top 3.

Somansh comes on stage and he says that he should go into the next round. Both kids challenged each other to do their steps.

Final battle happened between Gunjan vs Somansh – Gunjan danced on Chhama Chhama after this Somansh danced on Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. Finally both Gunjan and Somansh danced on Allah Duhai Hai song. Tushar selected Gunjan and he pressed play buzzer for her after that Madhuri and Dharmesh selected Gunjan to go in the next round. Somansh gets very sad that he has not gotten selected and finally all three judges pressed play button for him as he gets selected too.

Fifth Solo Contestant – Arundhati – Age 23 Yrs – Arundhati danced on Kho Gaya song. All three judges gave her a standing ovation and they immediately pressed play buzzer for her as a result of which Arundhati gets selected for the next round. Madhuri whistled for Arundhati. Tushar Kalia once again did a few steps with Arundhati.

Sixth Group – Demolition Crew – Age 12 – 26 Yrs – Demolition Crew gets rejected as they got rewind. Dharmesh sir says that their performance was weaker then the previous round.

Seventh Solo Contestant – Pallavi – Age 39 Yrs – Pallavi gave a Kathak dance performance on Ghar More Pardesiya song. Madhuri gave her a standing ovation after her dance. Pallavi says that she left dance after her marriage because she wanted to focus on her family more. Madhuri pressed play button for Pallavi. Tushar sir says that Pallavi lost her stamina in last 15 seconds but still he pressed play button for her. Dharmesh sir stood for her and he pressed play button for her selecting her for top 15. On Pallavi’s request Madhuri Dixit danced with her on stage.

Eighth Battle – Chanveer vs Papai and Antara –

First Chanveer – Age 18 Yrs – Chanveer gave a thrilling performance on Sajde song and judges liked it a lot.

Second Papai and Antara – Age 23 Yrs and 18 Yrs – Papai and Antara danced on Mere Naam Tu song. Everyone clapped for their performance. Bharti says me and Harsh can never do this type of dance.

Finally time comes for the decision and Tushar says that Chanveer’s dance was looking very untidy today. Papai and Antara got selected for the top 15 by the judges. Chanveer was told to come back next year with more practice.

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