Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 1 May 2021 Written – Soumya tells Harman about Mahi’s suspicion

Preeto assks Harman about his family. Harman says he has a mother like Preeto and a father like Harak Singh. Harman says they are staying away from him but he will go back to them after his work gets finished. Harman says her mother makes dishes for him the way Preeto is making. Preeto says mothers are like that. She hopes that Harman meets his parents soon.

Soumya interrupts Harman and Preeto saying she wants to discuss something important with Harman regarding paper work of her dance academy. Preeto allows. Harman leaves with Soumya. Mahi gets irked thinking Soumya shamelessly took Harman from here.

Rohan holds Virat’s collar saying how dare he left Heer like this. Heer sacrificed so much for him. Parmeet gets shocked. Rohan says we thought you will find Heer and bring her here but you are going to marry someone else? Virat recalls how Heer rejected him. He says its not his fault but Heer decided to end the relationship.

Rohan says who will trust you? Heer cured you and didn’t leave your side when you were unwell. Then how come she left you suddenly. Rohan says Heer trusted wrong people. Rohan also says he has no relationship with Simran now. He won’t accept Simran’s child. Virat gets angry and says you can’t do this to my sister! Rohan says you have also no right to mistreat my sister. Virat and Heer’s flashbacks are shown. Virat says please trust me Heer did all these. Don’t punish Simran for that.

Rohan says he can sacrifice anything for Heer. Virat won’t understand Heer is Rohan’s main priority. Rohan leaves Simran. Simran tries to stop him. Virat threatens Rohan saying if Simran gets upset because of you I’ll destroy you. Rohan says he doesn’t care.

Harman asks Soumya you are trying to spend time with me. Soumya says stop talking like roadside romeo. Soumya tells Harman that Mahi knows his truth and did all the drama to expose them. Harman says so what. I am not doing anything wrong.

Soumya says she is afraid. Harman tells Mahi has not changed yet. She is still jealous of Soumya that too when he is not coming between them. Soumya gets surprised and thinks how this person knows about our differences. Harman tries to get closer but Soumya pushes him saying don’t come close to me. I am here for Heer. I won’t let you play with my family’s feelings. I’ll call police if you cross your limits. She was about to leave but Harman stops her.

Rohan thinks of informing Preeto about Heer but he feels he should know first what Virat is planning to do. Virat comes with Simran there. Rohan gets shocked seeing them.

Harman tells Soumya that you didn’t get me arrested because your heart knows I am Harman. Soumya shouts at Harman don’t tell the same thing again. Harman says he won’t leave his family, he won’t try to prove himself as well. He knows what’s his truth and that’s enough for him. He is not scared of Police. Soumya says you’ll bear the consequences.

Soumya gets shocked seeing Mahi there. Mahi says I hope I didn’t disturb you two. Mahi says Soumya can stay near Harman’s room to spend time with thim. Harman taunts Mahi saying only Mahi cares for Soumya. She helps her out all the time just like last night she helped Soumya. Soumya tells Mahi you interfere in everyone’s personal life that’s why family taunts you all the time. Mahi thinks of exposing Soumya and Harman.

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