Naagin Season 6 Episode 12 Written Updates 20 March 2022 – Pratha seduces Rishabh to take revenge

Urvashi asks Seema where is Pratha and suddenly Pratha came there saying I’m here. Seema asked her where were you and Pratha says that today evil powers are at work and I went to pray for the good of this family. Some people were finding a person on a snowy place and they got caught by two snakes. Snakes took them to a place and a person was standing there. He introduced himself as Mahasapera. They told him that they came here because a Naagin is behind them and Mahasapera says that she is Sheesh Naagin. He says that I don’t know how she looks because the one who was supposed Sheesh Naagin did not became Sheesh Naagin and I heard that someone destroyed her house. He says only I can capture her and I want Naag Mani in return of catching her. Mahasapera told them that he will come tomorrow on Holi occasion to capture her.

One masked person told the traitors of the country that he has given contract to Mahasapera to capture Sheessh Naagin and she will surely come tomorrow after which he will catch her.

Rishabh’s sisters played Holi will him as they throw water on him after which he throws colour but it fell on Pratha’s forehead. Rishabh’s brothers brought bhaang for him but Rishabh saw Ritesh and he went to him. Mahek applied colour on Pratha’s face and Pratha says I am getting restless. Mahek told her to celebrate as you killed a asur yesterday and I will take care of everything else.

Mahasapera came to the Holi venue and he says she is here. Rishabh and Ritesh hugged each other and wished each other happy Holi. Rishabh applied colour on Pratha’s face and Reem got jealous seeing that. Rishabh in his mind apologized to Reem after which he danced with Pratha on Balam Pichkari. Mahek thought that she saw someone. Lalit throws water on Urvashi and he wished her Happy Holi.

Mahasapera started playing the Been and Mahek got turned into her snake form after which Mahasapera captured her and trapped her in the box. Mahasapera wonders I caught Naagin but where is Sheesh Naagin. Some people came and they confronted Lalit after which he started acting like a kid. Seema told them that his health is not well.

Mahasapera once again started playing the Been and Pratha started dancing on the tune. Radha after seeing Pratha’s dance says it seems some Naagin is dancing. Mahasapera confronted Pratha and he told her that I know you are Sheesh Naagin. He warned her to come in her real form or else within 5 minutes he will expose her in front of everyone. Mahasapera again started playing Been.

Rishabh told Reem that I can’t see you crying like this and Pratha came there. She tells Rishabh why are you flirting with her as you got married to me after which she left. Rishabh wonders Pratha never behave like this so why she is getting so possessive now. Mahasapera again started playing Been and Pratha got unconscious after that he showed her Mahek and then he captured Pratha as well.

Mahasapera took both Pratha and Mahek to his den. Mahek asked him why you brought us here and he says now you can’t do anything as Sheesh Naagin is now in my control. Mahasapera started playing the been and both Mahek and Pratha danced on Mei Teri Dushman song on his tunes. Both of them got unconscious. Mahasapera says that now he will cut Sheesh Naagin’s stomach and then he will take out Naag Mani. He started laughing in a crazy manner saying he has never seen a power like this.

Rishabh was getting worried as he started thinking where did Pratha went. Mahasapera tied both Mahek and Pratha after which he asked Pratha how did you became Sheesh Naagin as Mahek was supposed to become Sheesh Naagin. He pointed a dagger at her stomach and Pratha remembers her mother’s words about seeing in Mahasapera’s eyes. She attacked Mahasapera eyes and he fell down in pain.

Pratha untied Mahek and they both started crying. Pratha says that Mahasapera will never find about what happened that night. Pratha told Mahek, lets leave from here. Rishabh wonders what does Pratha want and Reem told him that I strongly feel that we can still be together and she puts her hands on Rishabh’s shoulders. Pratha came out of shower and she says what is happening rright here. Pratha was in her towel and she taunted Reem. Reem went out of the room.

Pratha told Rishabh that if any girl came in his room then she will come either from below a door or through a window. Rishabh asked her, are you a snake and she responds I am Naagin. Pratha went in front of mirror and she says I can’t behave jealous like normal girls.

Pratha asked Mahek are you alright and she says I am fine. Mahek says that it would’ve been better if this marriage of yours was real as you always wanted to get settled in a good family like this. Pratha says that he doesn’t love me but now he will be afraid of me. At the dining table Pratha told Rishabh that tonight I will fulfil your desires, I will wear your favourite nighty and I have made all the arrangements to make your mood.

Reem told Ritesh that it seems both Rishabh and Pratha loves each other. Rishabh went to his room and Pratha went behind him. Pretha closed the room’s door and she started drinking. In her drunk state Pratha gets close to Rishabh. Finally she got unconscious and Rishabh says thank God. Rishabh slept and Pratha woke up. She thinks that you were trying to scare me and then left saying that he called me again.

Mahek and Pratha went to professor and he told Pratha that the truck is coming today with the most vicious poison and you need to stop that truck at any cost. Pratha says don’t worry I will stop that truck.

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