MTV Splitsvilla X4 EP 12 Written Updates 18 Dec 2022 – Shivam Sharma wild card entry and Entertainment Task Results

Boys were getting ready to leave the Isle of Mars and join the girls at the Isle of Venus. Boom Baam Shivam Sharma entered as a wild card contestant and all the girls got excited seeing him. Kashish Ratnani tried to make a connection with him but Akashlina impressed him the most and Shivam finally made a connection with her.

Boys arrived at the ISLE of VENUS and they got surprised seeing Shivam Sharma chilling with the girls. Amir Hossein said that we boys have already decided that if a wild card boy arrives then we will target him and will not let him to ruin our hard work.

A scroll arrived and it reads, “Hello Splitsvillians, finally the wait is over because boys and girls are together in Splitsvilla now. The new journey has begun which calls for a celebration. To celebrate this, tonight an entertainment challenge will happen.”

All the contestants got ready and arrived for the entertainment task.

Sunny Leone danced on Naach Baby and Hello Ji songs.

Arjun Bijlani announced that whichever contestants will win todays entertainment task, only those contestants will perform in tomorrows couples challenge.

Soundous Moufakir & Hamid Barkzi went first on stage and they both performed on Tu Meri Hone Lagi and Hua Chokra Jawaan Re songs. During the performance, Hamid was throwing water on Soundous and that was looking so hot.

Honey Kamboj, Hiba Trabelssi, and Aradhana Verma went to perform second. Honey said that all three of us are non dancers. Everyone was laughing seeing Honey dance because it was so bad.

Aagaz Akhtar & Prakshi Goyal went third and they performed on Ang Laga De Re song. During the performance, they both looked in each others eyes after which they forgot some of their steps.

Amir Hossein, Shrea Prasad, and Pema Leilani went next to performance. The overseas trio danced on Desi Girl and Lets Naacho songs.. Their performance was the most entertaining one.

Shivam Sharma and Akashlina Chandra went to perform next. They danced on Gulaabo Zara Ittr Gira Do and Lahu Muh Lagg Gaya songs. Akashlina looked very happy with Shivam during her dance performance.

Kashish Thakur, Mehak Sembhy, and Kashish Ratnani went next to perform. Kashish Ratnani did a beautiful emotional dance on Humari Adhuri Kahaani song after which Kashish Thakur & Mehak Sembhy did a romantic dance together on Meherbaan. Finally the trio danced together on Sau Aasmaan song.

Sohail D & Sakshi Dwivedi performed next and they danced on Baby Ko Base Pasand Hai song. Sohail’s twerk during the dance performance made everyone go crazy.

Justin D’Cruz and Sakshi Shrivas went to perform last. Firstly they performed on Haye Rama Yeh Kya Hua song after which they danced together on Meri Jaan song. Everyone gave them a standing ovation after their performance because it was just too good.

Finally Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani announced the results for Entertainment challenge :

  • Justin D’Cruz and Sakshi Shrivas came first
  • Kashish Thakur, Mehak Sembhy, and Kashish Ratnani came second
  • Amir Hossein, Pema Leilani, and Shrea Prasad came third

At last, all the contestant danced on stage along with Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani on Kudi Saturday Saturday Kardi Rahendi Ae song.

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