Kundali Bhagya upcoming shocking twist – Prithvi gets arrested for stealing property papers

As you might’ve seen in the recent episode of Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya that Preeta’s property papers got stolen by someone and now everyone is trying to find out whoo stole the papers. Very soon you all will see some major drama unfolding on the show and by the end of it Kundali Bhagya’s naughty villain Prithvi Malhotra will get arrested under the charges of stealing Preeta’s property papers.

In the upcoming episode of the show you will see Karan getting suspicious about Prithvi and then he will start following him. Soon Karan will find out that Prithvi has stolen the papers as Karan will hear Prithvi’s conversation with Nagre. After that Karan will call police inspector and will inform him that Prithvi has stolen the papers.

Police will soon reach the Luthra house with the special team and Prithvi will get shocked seeing them. Karan tells Prithvi that they came here to arrest you for stealing Preeta’s papers. Police will start searching Prithvi’s room and Karan will find property papers hidden inside a sceptre. Inspector will tell Prithvi that he is under arrest.

Now it will be interesting to see whether Prithvi manages to escape this arrest again or not. Also how will rest of Luthra family react knowing that Prithvi is the actual culprit.

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