Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 21 April 2021 Written – Prithvi steals jewellery from Mahesh’s locker

Prithvi sees necklace in Sherlyn’s hand and snatches it from her and thanks her. She asks him that why he need that necklace because he is not going to wear that and snatches it from him saying it’s for Pammi. He says to her that he thought it’s for him and asks her that why she is giving the necklace to Pammi.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Pammi is suspecting their relationship and blackmailed her with that, that’s why she decided to give this necklace to Pammi. He informs her that someone blackmailed him too and demanded 50 lakhs from him. He says to her that Blackmailer knows that he went to meet Akshay in the hotel room and he is sure that Blackmailer is Akshay’s murderer.

Sherlyn gets relieved knowing that Prithvi didn’t murder Akshay. He says to her that he need to give 50 lakhs to the Blackmailer but that Blackmailer doesn’t know about him. He says to her that he has to catch the Blackmailer because he is Akshay’s murderer and with that he can impress all the ladies of Luthra family and also Preeta will come out of the jail who is innocent. She punches him and asks him to think how he is going to arrange 50 lakhs.

Prithvi asks Sherlyn to give 50 lakhs to him. She says to him that she doesn’t have money and she suspects Mahira in Akshay’s murder so he should not ask Mahira too. She tells him to steal the jewel from Mahesh’s room. He hugs her and asks how he is going to steal that. She informs him that Mahesh must be sleeping now so Prithvi can steal it easily.

At the police station, Preeta recalls how Karan used to disturb her when she was reading the book and also how she taught lesson to him by scaring him. She thinks she should have told the truth to Karan and the truth is she just attacked Akshay and she misses Karan a lot.

At Luthra house, Prithvi enters Mahesh’s room and sees that no one is there. He decides to steal the jewel before Mahesh returns. He checks the locker is locked and searches the key and hides hearing footsteps. He shocks seeing Sherlyn there. She says to him that she came to help him. He learns that she didn’t gave the necklace to Pammi and scolds her then asks her to search the locker key.

Constables discuss about ACP Vijay’s transfer. Mahesh meets ACP Deepak and talks about Preeta’s case. Deepak says to him that they arrested Preeta in murder case and they have proof against her so Mahesh has to wait for court order. Mahesh goes to meet Preeta.

Prithvi takes Sherlyn’s hairpin and opens the locker. He takes the expensive jewel from the locker and leaves from there. Sherlyn thinks today they can get to know about Akshay’s murderer.

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