Kundali Bhagya Spoiler 2 October 2020 – Pawan tells Preeta true reality of Prithvi

Pawan warns his goon to behave properly with Preeta as she is their bhabhi. Preeta once again starts screaming and says that her marriage has already happened and she is Karan Luthra’s wife. Pawan acts like a psycho and he screams at her again after which Preeta gets too much scared. Pawan tells his goons to bring water for Preeta.

Srishti sees Janki’s mised calls on her phone and she calls her back. Janki picks up the call and she was hiding behind a car. Janki tells Srishti about everything regarding the fake disguise of Pawan and she tells Srishti that he has stolen something precious from Luthra house as Goons with guns and knives are guarding it. Srishti tells Janki to stand by and she is coming. Janki sends Srisshti a map of the location. Srishti takes a auto rickshaw and went to the place.

Karan comes in the room to take Preeta (Mahira in disguise) with him to the reception downstairs. Mahira tries to get close to him and Karan gets suspicious as he thinks that Preeta is behaving weird today. Mahira thinks that she should show Karan her face. Mahira was about to reveal her face to Karan but Kritika came there and called them downstairs.

Sarla says in the reception that the girl in veil is not looking like Preeta as she is looking a bit different. Sanjana went to Sarla and she manipulates her by being nice to her and talking to her in a sweet manner. Sherlyn calls her mother ‘Sanjana’ and asks her why is she being so nice to Sarla. Sanjana tells Sherlyn abouut Mahira’s plan. Shrlyn gets shocked and she grabs Mahira by hand and takes her upstairs in room.

Preeta says to Pawan that she wants to ask him something and tells him to be truthful. Preeta asks him what if Prithvi Ji was alright, had he done the same and kidnapped me. Pawan says that he was planning to do the same and he swears on God. Preeta says the Prithvi Ji I know cannot kidnap anyone. Pawan starts laughing and says then you don’t know my brother as the thing he doesn’t get, he snatches it away.

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