Don’t Miss Out: Written Updates from The Great Indian Kapil Show Episode 3 featuring Parineeti Chopra and Diljit Dosanjh

The 3rd episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show on Netflix kicked off with the star-studded cast of the upcoming film Chamkila 2024, featuring Diljit Dosanjh, Parineeti Chopra, and Imtiaz Ali, gracing the stage as special guests. Kapil extended congratulations to Parineeti on her recent marriage to politician Raghav Chadha before delving into a series of humorous exchanges.

Imtiaz Ali shared how Shah Rukh Khan recommended Diljit for the lead role in Chamkila, citing him as the finest actor in the country. Parineeti disclosed her dedication to the role of Amarjot Kaur, admitting to gaining 15 kilograms to embody the character.

Rajiv Thakur made a comedic appearance on stage as Kap’s café attendant, eliciting laughter with his witty banter. Following his act, Krushna Abhishek arrived dressed as Donald Drunk, with Kiku Sharda joining him as Kim Kong. Their comedic antics left the guests in stitches before exiting the stage.

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Kapil introduced a headphone game, challenging the guests to decipher phrases with headphones covering their ears. Parineeti succeeded in guessing the first phrase, but Diljit and Imtiaz faltered. Despite their efforts, none could decipher the second phrase.

Parineeti and Diljit treated the audience to a duet performance, singing a song from Chamkila, much to the delight of the live audience.

Sunil Grover took the stage, captivating everyone with his portrayal of a woman named Dafli and entertaining with humorous singing, including a playful promotion of the Chamkila film.

Finally, Diljit led fans on a tour of Kapil Sharma’s show set before bidding farewell along with the rest of the guests.

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