MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 2 Recap: What Happened on March 31, 2024? Full Written Updates

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 2 started with the arrival of six new boys at a nearby villa, including familiar faces such as Digvijay Singh Rathee, Lakshay Gaur, and Sachin Sharma. Joining them were new girls named Deekila Sharma, Unnati Tomar, Nayera, and Ruru.

As the boys eagerly awaited more arrivals, Uorfi Javed, known for her mischief, made her grand entrance. Unnati and Ruru introduced themselves to Uorfi, with Unnati reminiscing about her enjoyable interactions with Digvijay and Sachin, while Ruru impressed Uorfi with her fashion sense.

Uorfi announced a surprise for the contestants, promising to give each of them ten gifts revealed by burning frames.

Lakshay started, revealing a picture of his ex-girlfriend Anicka, leading to an unexpected revelation about an “Ex-Isle” twist, where contestants’ exes would spice up Splitsvilla.

Nayera followed, burning a frame with Siwet’s picture, declaring him insignificant to her. Meanwhile, back at the villa, Akriti shared her grievances with Jashwanth about Siwet, stemming from their Roadies journey.

Ruru’s turn came next, unveiling Yuvraj’s picture and expressing her dislike for him, citing false rumors and deceit. Digvijay, then, revealed Ishita’s picture, recounting their toxic relationship during college.

Deekila emotionally burned the frame, revealing Aniket’s picture and recounting his betrayal, while Sachin, upon revealing Akriti’s picture, opened up about their past issues and Akriti being the one who initiated the breakup.

The revelations continued with Unnati exposing Adit’s attachment to her from a previous show, and Rigden clarifying misunderstandings with Ameha. Divyansh and Rahul followed suit, sharing their reasons behind their past relationships.

Uorfi concluded the segment, hinting that the boys and girls were more connected to Splitsvilla than they realized. Excitement filled the air as the contestants processed this revelation.

Meanwhile, back at the villa, Rushali expressed her desire for a partner who stands up for her, while Khanak appeared uneasy seeing Harsh getting close to other girls.

Later, Akriti and Siwet resolved their differences with Anicka’s help, debunking others’ attempts to create rifts between them.

At Ex Isle, contestants gathered to watch a revealing screen, anticipating the arrival of their exes

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