Kundali Bhagya 1 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Sherlyn tells Sonakshi to join her team

Preeta and Karan had a cute argument in the car while on their way back home and Karan says I love ‘The Karan Luthra’ more then Preeta. Back at Luthra house, Sonakshi asks what you want? Sherlyn says I don’t want money because I have already married a very rich man but I want your confession. Sonakshi responds to Sherlyn what’s wrong in it if I went to meet my dad because he broke the relation with me I did not.

Sherlyn says don’t do all this drama. She grabbed Sonakshi by his hand and takes her to the washroom. Sherlyn shows Sonakshi the stool which she used to jump outr of the window. Sonakshi puts up everything back in place and then she says I will tell myself to Luthras. Sonakshi did drama in front of Luthras that she went to meet her dad because her friend Ananya messaged her and her dad had a fight with her in the hotel.

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Sherlyn gets shocked seeing Sonakshi’s drama. She tells Sonakshi to come in her team. Sonakshi says I am a leader not a follower and also I am not Monisha or Mahira. Sherlyn meets Prithvi and tells him about her confrontation with Sonakshi. Prithvi suggests her a plan to throw Sonakshi out. Later Rishabh advices Sameer to tell Sarla aunty about his heart feeling regarding Srishti before its too late.

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