Anupama 31 March 2024 Written Updates: Kinjal issues Toshu a final ultimatum

Todays Anupama 31 March 2024 episode starts with Ranbir expressing to Tashu’s mother that Tashu understands the significance of her parents in her life, emphasizing how fortunate individuals are to receive their parents’ love. He emphasizes the importance of cherishing and valuing them, considering it a blessing and good fortune. Tashu’s mother acknowledges Ranbir as the result of her past good deeds and shares an affectionate hug with him. Tashu expresses her desire for a hug too, and they share a warm embrace before Tashu departs with her mother.

Meanwhile, Ranbir awaits Priyu to bring the cards while Prachi arrives with Poorvi. Accidentally, Prachi drops the card, triggering her concerns about Tashu’s marriage as she mentions Manpreet’s astrological predictions. However, Poorvi reassures Prachi, emphasizing that everything will turn out well and comforts her.

Later, Tashu opens the door, welcoming Prachi and Poorvi. Amidst the conversation, Ranbir reunites with Poorvi, exchanging greetings and discussing the event arrangements. Tashu introduces Priyu to her mother, who praises Prachi. Tashu displays her wedding card, with her father commending her intelligence and appreciating Prachi’s role in selecting the card.

Ranbir questions Poorvi about his upcoming marriage, pondering if it seems odd to her. Poorvi disagrees, expressing happiness at his prospect of settling down. Ranbir fondly recalls how he supported Poorvi’s marriage thoughts and expresses gratitude for her acknowledgment. He extends an invitation for Poorvi and her mother to attend the wedding from his side. Tashu also invites Prachi to the wedding from her end, receiving assurances from both Prachi and Poorvi. As they converse, Karthik interrupts, leading Ranbir to join him briefly.

Later, Ranbir compliments Tashu on the wedding card and informs her of Priyu and Poorvi’s expected attendance. Outside, Ranbir notices Prachi, prompting him to follow her discreetly as she boards an auto with Poorvi.

Meanwhile, Amar Dayal discusses political matters with his guard, confident in his victory. Ranbir and Tashu arrive, extending an invitation to Amar for their wedding. Amar, intrigued, promises to consider attending. Back at RV’s house, Poorvi and Prachi visit, engaging in conversations with RV’s family members. Monisha unexpectedly joins them for lunch, citing RV’s impending arrival.

As tensions rise between Anupama and Vanraj’s family, Anupama faces accusations, leading to a heated confrontation. Amidst familial disputes, Anupama seeks solace in the company of her father, reflecting on recent events and seeking guidance. Later, she finds solace in filling out a cooking competition form, buoyed by her father’s encouragement.

Kinjal confronts Toshu about a threatening note, while Anupama contemplates her future, finding hope in her newfound determination to participate in the cooking competition.

Precap – Anuj picks out a saree for Shruti, only to be pleasantly surprised when Anupama appears wearing a similar one, leaving them both astonished. Shruti then insists that Anupama selects attire for Anuj.

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