Woh To Hai Albelaa episode 8 written updates 23 March 2022 – Chiru saves Sayuri from Krishna’s anger

Chiru asks Krishna tell me what’s the matter and Krishna in response asks him to tell me who’s phone call was that. Chiru says it was nobody and Krishna says no. is saved so tell me. Chiru says you don’t question me and tell me what’s the problem. Krishna says bhaiya I will tell you but promise me you won’t lie and I promise you I won’t tell anyone about it. Saroj came to the room and Nakul started whistling. Saroj asks Nakul what’s happening and why is this room locked. She knocked the door and Chiru opened the door. Saroj asks what’s happening and Chiru says nothing just brother’s talk. Saroj says ok now lets talk to your mother.

Saroj asks Chiru why didn’t you said yes for that girl as I have seen all her qualities and she was perfect for you. Krishna came there and he asks Chiru what’s the reason, why you don’t want to get married. Chiru says I am not ready right now. Tej says that if he isn’t ready then don’t force him Saroj as he will marry later on. Krishna says if there is any reason then Chiru bhaiya should tell me as there isn’t any secret between brothers.

Sayuri was getting restless and she says I know Kanha very well and he will create big problem again. Its just a matter of time when he will provoke Saroj and after that everything will get ruined. Rashmi says don’t worry Chiru bhaiya will handle everything. Sayuri called Chiru again and his phone was in Nakul’s pocket. Nakul disconnects the call. Sayuri says if any problem took place because of you Kanha then I won’t spare you.

Krishna asks Chiru that in morning I was asking you jokingly but now I’m serious. Do you like any other girl. Saroj says why is he asking the same question again and she asks Chiru do you like some other girl. Chiru says I need time for business and I will marry when I think the time is right and also you say that matches are being made in heaven. Saroj tells Tej that now she has realised that she was wrong and now she will think about Chiru’s marriage only when he gets ready.

Rashmi tells Sayuri that Dadi & Mummy went to market and Priya went to tuition, I will go and call Chiru bhaiya. Chiru makes a video call to Sayuri and he asks her why are you looking worried. Glass started breaking and she went to see it. Krishna started breaking glass of Sayuri’s window by hitting the ball with bat and Sayuri informed Chiru about it saying that Krishna finds out about our relationship. Ball hits Sayuri’s phone and it fell down. Sayuri says because of you Kanha my talk with Chiru ended mid way and you did wrong. Krishna shouts at Nakul to throw ball again and Chiru came in between. Chiru hugged Krishna and took him away saying we need to talk. He tells Nakul if Saroj asks then tell her that we are making a Vlog.

Dhanraj was reading a book and Saroj says you were a good artist as you used to make good crafts and Dhanraj says you have problem with me reading book because Balwant’s name is on it. Saroj says lets talk about something else and Dhanraj says what you want to talk about. Saroj says I am worried about Chiru as it seems he was lying and maybe he fell in love with a girl.

Sayuri was fixing glass on the window and Dadi & Indu came. Indu asked how did this happened and Sayuri says its because of Kanha. Indu says did you both fought again and Sayuri says no he doesn’t need reason to create havoc even if glasses break or people’s heart, he doesn’t care. Dadi says now because of my superstar we will put on better glasses on window. Rashmi says Dadi is right di now everything will be alright.

Chiru asks Krishna do you have trust on me as I was going to tell you. Krishna says when, after getting married to that witch. Chiru asks why you think that she is a witch and Krishna says because of her actions. Chiru asks what’s the male version of witch and then he himself answered Mr. Witch. Krishna says you should have told me.

Dhanraj tells Saroj what’s the problem if Chiru had an affair and didn’t told you about it. Saroj says so you mean he is is love with a girl. Dhanraj says if yes then we will get him married to that girl. Saroj says so he will have love marriage. Dhanraj says what’s wrong in it. Saroj says I should have the right to decide girl for him who also needs to be suitable for this family. Dhanraj says I’m sure that Chiru has selected a perfect girl.

Chiru tells Krishna that I had this thing in my heart since a lot of time and I wanted to tell you. Krishna says you can fall into love but cannot tell me. Chiru says she is not a witch but my chandani. Krishna says no she is a witch, clever vile woman and you should leave her, tell that Phhati hui Bansuri that you hate her. Chiru tells Krishna to shut up as I don’t want to listen anything against her because now she is my life.

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