Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 26 April 2021 Written – Kareena says sorry to Sarla

Kritika cries infront of Kareena, Sarla and Rakhi saying she is responsible for everything. Rakhi consoles Kritika. Karan leaves the house to meet Preeta. Kritika apologize to Rakhi and Kareena. She asks Sarla to forgive her. Sarla hugs her. Kareena folds hands in front of Sarla. Kritika runs towards her room and Kareena follows her. Pammi sees everything from upstairs.

Sarla wonders where Karan went now. Rakhi says to her that she is sure that he went to meet Preeta and asks Sherlyn to bring tea for Sarla. Sarla says to her that she just came to ask help but Rakhi already supporting Preeta so she doesn’t want anything else now. Rakhi assures her saying that Preeta will be released soon. Sarla leaves from there.

Rakhi notices Pammi and tells her to not inform about it to anyone. Pammi nods at her and says to her that she is lucky to get a daughter in law like Preeta and if Sherlyn too become like Preeta then it will be perfect. Sherlyn thinks she has to do all the household chores because Preeta is not there.

Pammi says to her that she got the necklace. Sherlyn recalls how she put the necklace in the hall. Pammi says to her that she is jealous of Rakhi because Rakhi married to wealthy family and she even got good daughter in law but she is happy that Sherlyn is not like Preeta.

Sameer and Srishti follows Mahira. Mahira wonders why Blackmailer informed her that he will late and thinks what if he is blackmailing someone else also and he can blackmail Prithvi only other than her. Mahira’s car tyre gets puncture. Sameer says to Srishti that they know the location so they should wait for Mahira there. Srishti agrees with him and they leave from there. Mahira stops Prithvi’s car and asks him to help her.

Preeta waits for visitor. Karan comes there and she smiles seeing him. He scolds her and asks her that why she didn’t tell anything to him. She gets confused hearing him. He informs her that Kritika revealed everything. She says to him that she should not have hide the truth from him and she can understand his anger. He says to her that she can understand his anger but not his care. He says to her that she didn’t said anything to him because she don’t trust him. She says to him that it’s not like that. He says to her that he is angry on himself and he feels like he should do something to himself. She closes his mouth and asks him to not say like that and hugs him tightly. He kisses her forehead.

In Luthra house, Kareena asks Kritika to open the door. Rakhi also knocks the door. Kritika opens the door and hugs Kareena. Kritika says to them that Preeta loves her so much.

Preeta says to Karan that she knows that he cares for her and she also knows that he send pillow and Falooda for her and cries in his embrace. He apologize to her saying it’s his mistake. She says to him that she is happy to get him and it’s her mistake not his mistake and apologize to him. He hugs her saying he missed her.

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