MTV Roadies Journey in South Africa Episode 2 Written Updates 9 April 2022 – Buddy Pairs Partners, Total Roadiums Won, Team Loyalty vs Team Brown Munde

All the contestants got very happy seeing Sonu Sood in the Roadies camp for the first time. Sakshi Sharma tells him that her heart has been started pumping very fast after seeing him. She hugged Sonu. Sonu cracked a joke on Kevin Almasifar’s white hair and he took it very sportingly.  Baseer introduced himself to Sonu and he said that he has reached the final of every single reality show in which he participated. Kevin said in background that if Baseer comes in front of him then his streak will break. Soundous introduced herself to Sonu and he tells her to say Kachha Papad Pakka Papad fast but Soundous failed to do it.

Final Sonu asked contestants about their buddy pairs and do they want to switch or not. Kavya said that she wants a boy as her pair and not Soundous.

Finally Sonu asked contestants to tell their buddy pairs and the one who won’t have any pair, they will make their pair.

The final buddy pairs were as follows :

  • Ashish Bhatia and Sakshi Sharma
  • Baseer Ali and Jashwanth Bopanna 
  • Gaurav Alugh and Moose Jattana
  • Aarushi Dutta and Tanish Ghorpade
  • Kavya Khurana and Sidharth Manoj
  • Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir
  • Yukti Arora and Nandini G
  • Sohil Jhuti and Simi Talsania
  • Arushi Chawla and Arsh Wahi
  • Sapna Malik and Angad Bawa

After deciding the buddy pairs, Sonu Sood tells contestants about Roadiums and the contestants who will have more roadiums will have more importance on the show but the once who will have less will have the less importance on the show.

Sonu Sood announced reaching the bus task results along with total roadiums won :

  • Moose team came first and they won 1200 roadiums
  • Soundous team came second and they won 900 roadiums
  • Nandini G team came third and they won 600 roadiums

As a twist Sonu Sood announced that as both Moose team and Nandini’s team used cheat codes so they will get a penalty of 600 roadiums and as a part of this final balance were :

  • Team 1 – Soundus Moufakir, Simi Talsania, Sidharth Manoj – 900 Roadiums
  • Team 2 – Moose Jattana, Angad Bawa, Tanish Ghorpade, Arsh Wahi – 600 Roadiums
  • Team 3 – Sakshi Sharma, Nandini G, Jaswanth Bapanna – 0 Roadiums

Sonu Sood then did party with all the roadies as some local tribal people came and all the Roadies did the Afro dance.

Next morning the roadies journey started and Sonu Sood flagged off all the bikers. Roads were very rocky and suddenly Kavya’s bike fell off and Sidharth who was sitting behind her faced some injuries.

Baseer asked Soundous about her body weight and she did not liked it. Kevin also complained about it.

Finally all the Roadies reached their task location i.e. St Francis Bay also known as Little Venice. Sonu Sood announced that today the first buddy pair task will happen and its going to be for immunity and roadiums

Task Details – Contestants have to score goals against their opponents by using Sub boards. Only 3 buddy pairs from each team will go in water at once while the remaining 2 will stand at sideline. There is a twist and its that the buddy pairs standing on the sideline will have to come in the water for at least one round. Contestants can only attack or defend till the time they are on the sub boards and no team can keep the ball in possession for more then 5 seconds. Whichever team will have the most goals scored by the end of 3 rounds will be declared winner.

The two teams were as follows :

Team Loyalty :

  • Kevin and Soundous
  • Sapna and Angad
  • Ashish and Sakshi
  • Arushi and Arsh
  • Sohil Jhuti and Simi Talsania

Team Brown Munde :

  • Baseer and Jashwanth
  • Gaurav and Moose
  • Yukti Arora and Nandini G
  • Kavya Khurana and Sidharth Manoj
  • Aarushi Dutta and Tanish Ghorpade

At the end of first round no team managed to score a single goal and the score was Team Loyalty 0 and Team Brown Munde 0

By the end of second round Gaurav Alugh managed to score a goal and the score at the end of round 2 was Team Loyalty 0 and Team Brown Munde 1

During the third round Ashish Bhatia scored a goal and later on at the near end of the round Kevin Almasifar scored a goal as a result of which the final score by the end of third round was Team Loyalty 2 and Team Brown Munde 1

Teams Loyalty wins the Water Rugby task against team Brown Munde by 2 – 1 

Sonu Sood announced that team Loyalty has won both immunity and roadiums but there is a twist. Only two buddy pairs will get immunity and rest 3 pairs will get 3000 roadiums.

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