MTV Roadies Journey in South Africa Episode 1 Written Updates 8 April 2022 – Old and New Roadies Introductions, Clues finding task Teams & Winner and Buddy Pairings

The episode started with Sonu Sood narrating what it means to be a Roadie and also the glimpses of whole Roadies Journey in South Africa was shown including the fights among the contestants as well as the stunts they were performing, twists & turns and more.

All the contestants from previous Roadies Seasons arrived at Amakhala Game Reserve and then contestants introduction started one after another :

  • First Ex Contestant – Ashish Bhatia – Roadies Real Heroes
  • Second Ex Contestant – Baseer Ali – Roadies Real Heroes
  • Third Ex Contestant – Sapna Malik – Roadies Revolution
  • Fourth Ex Contestant – Arushi Chawla – Roadies Revolution
  • Fifth Ex Contestant – Aarushi Dutta – Roadies Real Heroes
  • Sixth Ex Contestant – Yukti Arora – Roadies Real Heroes
  • Seventh Ex Contestant – Gaurav Alugh – Roadies X4
  • Eighth Ex Contestant – Kevin Almasifar – Roadies Revolution
  • Ninth Ex Contestant – Sohil Jhuti – Roadies Real Heroes
  • Tenth Ex Contestant – Kavya Khurana – Roadies X4

Contestant enjoyed nice food which included barbeque after which they say that all the best contestants have arrived from their respective seasons so the new Roadies who are going to arrive to compete against them are going to be best as well.

At Port Elizabeth all the new Roadies landed at the airport and then the introduction of these new Roadies started :

  • Fiirst New Contestant – Soundous Moufakir – From Morocco
  • Second New Contestant – Sakshi Sharma – From Gurdaspur
  • Third New Contestant – Jashwanth Bopanna – From Bengaluru
  • Fourth New Contestant – Tanish Ghorpade – From Mumbai
  • Fifth New Contestant – Nandini G – Bangaluru
  • Sixth New Contestant – Angad Bawa – Chandigarh
  • Seventh New Contestant – Moose Jattana – From Chandigarh
  • Eighth New Contestant – Sidharth Manoj – From Malaysia
  • Ninth New Contestant – Simi Talsania – From Mumbai
  • Tenth New Contestant – Arsh Wahi – From Amritsar

All the contestants got welcomed outside the airport by a local guide named Francois Van Niekerk and then he gave a scroll to Moose Jattana which had a message by Sonu Sood in it. Moose reads the scrolls and they get to know its was their first task

Task Details – All 10 new Roadies have to divide themselves into 3 team – 3 – 3 and 4 after which they will get a clue and they have to solve it, after solving the clue they will find out what will happen next.

Team got divided and after which they got the clue :

Teams Details :

  • Team 1 – Soundus Moufakir, Simi Talsania, Sidharth Manoj
  • Team 2 – Moose Jattana, Angad Bawa, Tanish Ghorpade, Arsh Wahi
  • Team 3 – Sakshi Sharma, Nandini G, Jaswanth Bapanna

Clue Details by Teams :

  • Team 1 Clue – Barney Naam Ka Ek Sailor Hai, Jo Ban Chuka Hai Folklore, Find Barney By The Sea
  • Team 2 Clue – Main Samundar Kinare Tair Raha Hoon, Jahan Boats Aakar Rukti Hai
  • Team 3 Clue – Rocks Ke Paas Tumhara Khazana Hai Jo Karenge Humari Journey Ko Redefine

All three teams managed to find the cabs in which they have to go to the next location.

Team 1 which includes Soundus, Simi, and Sidharth reached Barney’s burger shop and there they have to finish spicy chilli burgers. They were given the option to use cheat code by drinking milk, juice, or burger but then they will get penalty.

Team 2 which includes – Moose, Angad, Arsh, and Tanish reached the Harbour but they were having difficulty finding the next clue

Team 3 which includes – Sakshi, Nandini, and Jaswanth reached Shark Rock Pier and there they managed to find the next clue ass there was a chest placed their

Team 1 were continuously trying their best to eat the spicy burgers and the locals in the restaurant started cheering them.

Team 2 finds the next clue by using the cheat code :

Team 2 Cheat Code Clue Details – I known the boat you are looking for, its called the warrior. Meet the sailor and you will know what to do next. Par yaad rakhna in the future you will have to pay a price.

Team 2 entered the boat named Warrior and from the sailor on the boat they got a scroll which includes the next clue :

Team 2 Clue Details – Time and Tide waits for none, Par agar bus chhoot jaye, it ruins the plan. Your bus awaits you at the Roadies bus stop, To take you to your next destination. Dont be late

Finally Team 2 finds out that they will get a penalty for using the cheat code and Angad was the one to be blamed for it.

Team 1 finished the burgers and they received their riding gear along with the next scroll

Team 2 reached the bus and there they got welcomed by Francois Van Niekerk, he told them that they are the first team to arrived but still they had the fear of penalty.

Team 2 Reached The Bus First by using Cheat Code

Team 3 used the cheat code as Nandini was in favour of it but Sakshi was against it and then they got the next clue :

Team 3 Cheat Code Clue Details – The key to unlock me also hangs by a thread near the chest. Par yaad rakhna in the future you will have to pay a price.

Sakshi finds the key and she unlocked the chest after which team 3 gets the riding gear and a scroll and then they moved on.

Team 1 reached the bus and they were the second team to arrive after which they entered the bus.

Team 1 reached the bus second with using cheat code 

Team 3 reached the bus and they were the third team to arrive after which they entered the bus.

Team 3 reached the bus third by using cheat code 

All three teams were taken to Amakhala Game Reserve on the bus.

All the new Roadies contestants met the ex-contestants. Sakshi started flirting with Kevin by talking to him in English. Yukti had a crush in Jashwanth but her heart got broken when she finds out that he is dating Nandini. At night all the contestants went to sleep in their tents.

Next morning, Roadies receives a scroll and in the scroll it was started that today they are going to see the Big 5. Roadies reached a location and all of them were being presented with brand new Infinix Zero 5G Smartphones.

All the Roadies sits in the cars and then they enjoyed the wild life safari in the jungles of Africa.

Roadies received a message on their phone in which it was stated that this journey will take place in pairs and all the ex-contestants will audition the new contestants after which they will select them as their buddies.

Ex-contestant started auditioning the new Roadies :

  • Moose came first to give her audition and she gave her introduction telling the quality which makes her different from others.
  • Simi was given the task to roast Moose and she roasted her
  • Sidharth went next and he was given the task to propose a girl in Hindi by bending on his knees and he proposed Yukti after which she got very much impressed with him.
  • Nandini did a Afro dance and she said that she wants to pair up with Aarushi Dutta also she knows how to ride so Aarushi cam be the pillion.
  • Jashwanth was asked if given a choice to choose between You and Nandini to stay on the journey then who will you choose? Jashwanth says Me. Jashwanth says he wants to pair up with Baseer.

After that rest of the Roadies gave their auditions one by one.

Finally at night time came for the pairings to be decided :

  • Ashish Bhatia chooses Sakshi Sharma
  • Kavya Khurana chooses Soundous Moufakir
  • Baseer Ali chooses Jashwanth Bopanna
  • Kevin Almasifar chooses Nandini G
  • Gaurav Alugh chooses Moose Jattana

Kavya got double minded on pairing up with Soundous because both of them are girls. All the contestants were confused who to pair up with. Suddenly Kavya screamed and Sonu Sood made an entry in the camp.

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