MasterChef India Episode 4 January 2023 Written Updates (Auditions Round) – Selected Participants Names with Dishes Details

In the third auditions episode of MasterChef India Season 7 which was aired on 3 January 2023, we saw oldest contestant in the history of the show making efforts to impress all three Chefs. Also a homemaker from Ludhiana managed to impress the judges with her interesting dish that was filled with sweet and spicy ingredients.

MasterChef India Season 7 EP 3 Auditions – All Contestants Names and Bio Details with their Dishes Info and Selections :

First Contestant – Kamal Deep Kaur (Homemaker) – Age 40 Years – From Ludhiana – She made a dessert named Khatti Meeti Yaadein which contained Spicy Tomato Jam, Kesar Shrikhand and Crumble of Almonds & Oats. She said that her daughter works at a Korean bank and because of that she was forced to make Korean food at home.

Chef Ranveer Brar got a bit confused after tasting her dish. Garima Arora and Vikas Khanna also tasted her dish. Vikas loved the mixture of all the ingredients. She got a yes from all three Chefs and she got the apron.

Second Contestant – Sachin Khatwani (Cloud Kitchen Owner) – Age 22 Years – From Lucknow – His father passed away when he was a child and he started helping his mother in the kitchen. He made a dish called Mast Malai Mustard Macchi. Vikas Khanna tasted his dish first. Garima Arora tasted his dish after that and he said that he adores her. Sachin gave a gift to Garima. Ranveer Brar tasted his dish next and he tells him to call his mother. Ranveer said to his mother that his dish was awesome and he received the apron.

Third Contestant – Urmila Baa also known as Gujju Bhen (YouTuber) – Age 78 Years – From Mumbai – She was the oldest contestant in MasterChef India history. She made a Gujarati Patra and then she said some amazing poetry (Suvichar). All three judges tasted the Patra made by her and then they said yes for her. Urmila got entry in the next round by getting the apron.

Fourth Contestant – Santa Sarmah (Homemaker) – Age 34 Years – From Assam – She gifted scarfs (Gamcha’s) to Vikas & Ranveer and a bridal wear to Garima. She made three different types of Sushi’s along with Sauces. Her dish was inspired by Chef Ranveer Brar’s previous work.

Ranveer Brar tasted her Sushi’s and he said that he loved meeting her but soon he will talk about the food she made. Garima Arora said that taste of her Sushi’s reminds her of Bangkok. Vikas Khanna said that he dish has smell of Bamboo shoot.

All three judges reached on a conclusion that she deserves entry in the next round and she got the apron.

Fifth Contestant – Shubhojeet (Engineer) – Age 28 Years – From Kolkata – He made a dish called Coconut Fish Rolls stuffed with Vietnamese Chicken Curry. He had degrees in mechanical engineering and power engineering. Judges said that he is a Cookgineer now. Vikas and Garima said yes for him and finally Ranveer also said yes after which he got the apron.

Sixth Contestant – Gurkirat Singh (Lawyer) – Age 24 Years – From Haryana – He made a famous Thailand dessert named Sticky Coconut rice with mango. All three judges tasted the dish and they loved the textures in his dish. Ranveer Brar was not okay with his selection but Vikas Khanna convinced him and he said yes after which he got the apron.

Finally the auditions of MasterChef India Season 7 are over and 36 cooks got Selected. Boot Camp will start tomorrow.

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