MasterChef India Episode 16 January 2023 Written Updates – Immunity Pin Challenge – Who got selected? Full Details

On MasterChef India Season 2 Episode 11 which was telecasted on Sony TV on 16 January 2023, all the home cooks got an opportunity to win a immunity pin and they were given a challenge to cook a dish which includes their cultural flavours combined with the flavours of a certain country. 8 home cooks got selected for the round 2 of the challenge by the end of the episode.

Chef Ranveer Brar, Garima Arora, and Vikas Khanna informed contestants that Nazia Sultana has left the show because of her daughter Alvira’s declining heath and she can come a re-join the show at any point of time.

Chef’s told contestants that its time for your next challenge and then the immunity pin was revealed through a drone. Contestants were told that they have to compete in two different challenges in order to win it and the first challenge will happen today while the second challenge will take place tomorrow.

MasterChef India Season 7 Immunity Pin 1st Challenge All Contestants Dishes with States & Countries Names – Full Details :

Contestants were told that the first part of todays challenge is that they need to showcase their cultural identity through their dish but the twist is that they need to combine it with the cuisine of a certain country. Home cooks will get 60 minutes to complete the challenge and out of these 60 minutes, Amul Pantry will remain open for 5 minutes. Contestants will also get to use Fortune Oil, Wheat, and Soya Chunks. Home cooks can also use the BOSCH kitchen appliances during this challenge.

All the home cooks started preparing their dishes for the first round of immunity pin challenge and these were the names of their dishes along with states and countries names :

  • Kamal Deep : State – Punjab – Country – South Africa – Dish Name – Bunny Chow Bread Stuffed with Saag Chicken and Herb Butter
  • Gurkirat Singh : State – Haryana – Country – Turkey – Dish Name – Gajar Halwa Baklava with Rice Pudding Sauce
  • Aruna Vijay : State – Tamil Nadu – Country – Great Britain – Dish Name – Tiffin Tea
  • Savurna Bagul – State – Maharashtra – Country – USA – Dish Name – Majha Pie
  • Dyuti Banerjee : State – West Bengal – Country – Mexico – Dish Name – Mishti Fiesta
  • Priyanka Kundu Biswas : State – West Bengal – Country – France – Dish Name – Shundori Komola
  • Nayanjyoti Saikia : State – Assam – Country – Germany- Dish Name – Black Sesame Black Forest Cake
  • Santa Sarmah : State – Assam – Country – South Korea- Dish Name – Korean Flavoured Sesame Chicken, Sticky Rice, and Kimchi Inspired Assamese Salad
  • Deepa Chauhan : State – Karnataka – Country – Vietnam – Dish Name – Chicken Pho with Ragi Mudda
  • Sachin Khatwani : State – Uttar Pradesh – Country – Japan- Dish Name – Yakitori
  • Yashu Verma : State – Uttar Pradesh – Country – Not known – Dish Name – Aasmi
  • Avinash Patnaik : State – Odisha – Country – Spain – Dish Name – Potola Tapas
  • Priya Vijan : State – Karnataka – Country – Lebanon – Dish Name – Chickpea Falafel
  • Vineet Yadav : State – Uttar Pradesh – Country – Myanmar – Dish Name – Rasmalai Kimami Sewai Inspired Burmese Cake with Tapioca Rasmalai Sauce

MasterChef India Season 7 Immunity Pin 1st Challenge 8 Selected cooks names :

Finally Chef’s Garima Arora, Ranveer Brar, and Vikas Khanna started announcing the names of eight contestants that will compete in the 2nd round of immunity pin challenge tomorrow and their names are as follows :

  1. Aruna Vijay
  2. Kamal Deep
  3. Gurkirat Singh
  4. Nayanjyoti Saikia
  5. Suvarna Bagul
  6. Santa Sarmah
  7. Priyanka Kundu Biswas
  8. Vineet Yadav

Amul Dish of the Day – Suvarna Vijay Bagul

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