Shark Tank India Season 2 EP 11 Written Updates (16 January 2023) – Biggest Deals, All Pitches & Money Invested

Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 11 on 16 January 2023 has already been aired on Sony TV and we saw a fitness firm offering equity to investors for a hefty amount of money. Also an android laptop making start-up made an interesting pitch for their company and after that a tussle happened between multiple Sharks to invest in it. At the end, a senior lady professor came and she asks for investment in her Composter making company but she was also seen taking class of Aman Gupta & Vineeta Singh.

Shark Tank 2 Episode 11 All Deals and Pitches Made – Full Info :

First Pitch – Anirudh Anil Pole and Roshan Bhaskar – Founders of ABC Fitness Firm – They made a pitch for their sports and fitness academy after which they asked for Rs 40 lakhs for 2% equity. Vineeta Singh, Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal, & Peyush Bansal competed against some kids from their academy in a basketball challenge and Sharks won.

Anirudh tells them that about 5%-10% of the kids in their academy are playing at national or state level and Basketball & Tennis are their major focus right now. Anirudh said that they want to take their take their pro league competition to Star Sports level.

Vineeta Singh said that its a tough business in terms of scaling and that’s why she is out. Aman Gupta said that he is also out because they haven’t tried their concept out of Pune yet. Anupam Mittal said that they don’t have any political support right now and that’s why he is out right now. Peyush Bansal offered them Rs 40 lakhs for 10% Equity and Namita Thapar said that she is out because Peyush’s offer is really very good.

Finally the deal was made with Peyush Bansal for Rs 40 lakhs at 10% Equity.

Second Pitch – Aman Verma, Pankaj Rawat, Umang Leekha, and Chitranshu Mahant – Founders of Primebook – They made a pitch for their android based laptop. They said that it runs on their own made in India Prime OS and it has around 30 Lakh+ downloads in 140 countries. Chitranshu said that their laptop is for students and then they asked for Rs 75 lakhs for 1.5% Equity in their company.

Chitranshu told the investors that their Primebook laptops supports around 10,000+ android apps and it is priced at around 15,000 INR. Aman Gupta took a demo of the android apps on the laptop and he said that it works similar to a normal windows laptop but its a bit slow.

Sharks suggests them that they need to decrease the price of their laptop to compete with major giants like Jio in near future and Chitranshu said that they have already made strategies to compete with them.

Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal both gave them the same solo offer of Rs 75 lakhs for 4% Equity and then Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal both made them the same solo offer of Rs 75 lakhs for 3% equity. Namita Thapar tells them to give a counter offer of all 5 shark deal and Aman said that he is not interested in it. Namita said that she is out because pricing is a big issue.

Finally the deal was made with Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal for Rs 75 lakhs at 3% Equity.

Third Pitch – Poonam Bir Kasturi – Founder of Daily Dump – She made a pitch for her composters making brand and then she showed investors a demo on making khad out of kitchen waste in her composters. She asks Sharks to invest Rs 80 lakhs in her company in return of 4% Equity.

It was revealed that Poonam Ji has received award from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past and she told the investors that she needs money now to expand her business further. During her pitch, Poonam Ji took class of both Aman Gupta & Vinneta Singh and rest of the sharks enjoyed it a lot.

Anupam Mittal tells her that the price of her products is too high and its too difficult to scale it because of which he is out. Peyush Bansal tells her to increase the price of the composter powder and reduce the price of the composters, in order to scale her business.

Peyush Bansal tells Poonam Ji that he got impressed by her a lot but this business is very challenging because of the team and for now he is out. Vineeta Singh tells Poonam Ji that this business is looking like an uphill task and that’s why she is out. Aman Gupta tells Poonam Ji that she is a Rockstar but he is also out. Namita Thapar offered her Rs 30 lakhs for 5% Equity and Rs 50 lakhs in debt at 10% interest.

Finally the deal was made with Namita Thapar for Rs 30 lakhs for 4% Equity and Rs 50 lakhs in debt at 10% interest.

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