Chetan Hansraj abused jailor Karan Kundrra in Lock Upp – Angry fans trended on twitter – Full Details

With the rising popularity of Ekta Kapoor’s OTT reality show Lock Upp it seems that it is getting caught into more and more controversies with every passing day. The latest which has surfaced on Lock Upp is Chetan Hansraj abusing celebrity Jailor Karan Kundrra on the show.

Today on 25 March 2022, a video got viral on the social media in which ITV’s bad boy Chetan Hansraj can be seen passing on cheap abuses towards celebrity jailor Karan. Cheten can also be seen rewriting jailor as tailor in the video. He also said that he won’t follow any rules made by the jailor for the contestants on the show.

After getting angry with such third class and cheap comments made by Chetan on the show towards Karan, Fans of Karan Kundrra got angry and they started doing two different trends on twitter simultaneously which are ‘DON’T MESS WITH JAILOR KARAN’ and also ‘LOCKOUT CHETAN.’

Now it will be quite interesting to see whether Kangana Ranaut will take any action against Chetan Hansraj tomorrow on Judgement Day episode or will these cheap antics of Chetan gets ignored by the makers.

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