Kundali Bhagya todays episode written updates 17 March 2022 – Preeta tells her property papers plan to Srishti

Karan tells Preeta to sit and eat and Preeta says that why is he showing so much concern for her as it seems like he is thinking about stealing the property papers. Sherlyn went to Prithvi’s room and tells him to steal the property papers, Prithvi rejects her plan saying that he isn’t a small thief. Sherlyn responds if you won’t do it then I will steal the papers. Prithvi says he knew that she will say it because many other people in the house are thinking the same.

Kareena in her room was waiting for Karan. Kritika came in the room along with Karan. Kareena tells her plan to Karan about stealing the papers and Karan straight up rejects the plan saying its against his ethics. Even Kritika tries to convince Karan but he didn’t listened and leaves the room. Kareena says its my plan and I will execute it myself and once I will get my hands on the papers, I will tear them.

Sherlyn blames Prithvi saying he ain’t doing it because he is happy seeing Preeta as the owner of this house. Prithvi says think what you want but I won’t do it and he leaves. Sherlyn started throwing things and she says that now she will do it alone and will become the sole owner of this house after which she will rule over the Luthra family.

Srishti overhears Sherlyn evil plan from outside and Sherlyn got shocked seeing her. Srishti asks what you are doing outside Prithvi’s room and Sherlyn says its none of your concern. Girish came with Prithvi’s coffee and seeing Sherlyn & Srishti there he asked is it really Prithvi’s room. Srishti says yes it is but you should ask what is Sherlyn doing here. Sherlyn leaves getting angry on Girish and he got shocked.

Preeta came in the room concerned and she tells Srishti that she wants to see Prithvi getting arrested. Srishti asks but why you want him arrested. Preeta tells Srishti about how Prithvi and Sherlyn were celebrating in the room after seeing Mahesh going back in the basement. Srishti got shocked knowing Prithvi and Sherlyn are still together. Preeta says Prithvi doesn’t love Kritika at all and Sherlyn pretends to be innocent but in reality she is evil.

Preeta tells Srishti about her plan and Srishti says why are you putting property papers at risk. Preeta responds saying to catch a big thief like Prithvi we have to take big risk. She says that she will use the papers like a trap to catch Prithvi red-handed. Srishti says I hope this turns true.

Preeta asks Rakhi, are you angry with me. Rakhi responds If I am then does it matter and Preeta says no. Srishti tells Preeta not to feel bad. Karan says Preeta is crying because she is scared because property papers are coming home. Preeta indirectly warns Sherlyn at the dinner table that she will throw her out of the house. Girish came with some papers and gave it to Preeta. Srishti asks Preeta, what’s this and Preeta says I will tell you in room as it secret. Karan says everyone knows these are property papers. Preeta gets shocked.

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