MasterChef India Episode 9 January 2023 Written Updates – Strength Weakness Challenge – Who Got Safe? Full Info

Top 16 contestants of MasterChef India Season 7 were given a glimpse of the winning trophy and Chef Coat on the 6th episode which was aired on Sony TV on 9 January 2023. Contestants were given a interesting challenge by the Chef’s which will test their strengths and weakness after which two of them will get safe.

MasterChef India Season 7 First Challenge Details with Favourite & Least Favourite Ingredients Names :

First Challenge happened and contestants were told to open the lids of their plates and they removed them after that their favourite ingredient was revealed. Garima Arora said that there will be a twist and then another ingredient was introduced which was their least favourite ingredient. Contestants have to combine both the ingredients and make a dish out of it.

Chef Vikas Khanna announced that Amul Pantry will remain open for whole one hour as well as Pushp masalas will be available. Fortune oil and rice can also be used. By the end of the challenge top two contestants will get immunity for the elimination.

Chef Ranveer Brar helped Urmila Baa in finding the add-ons and masalas for her dish. All three chef’s started asking the contestants about the dishes they were making using their favourite and least favourite ingredient. Finally the time limit got up and contestants were told to step back from the cooking platforms.

Time came for tasting and all three Chef’s started tasting the dishes of the contestants in the following order :

Aruna Vijay – favourite ingredient – Neem Flowers – Least favourite – Soy Milk – She made a dish named Angaar Poori. Chef’s tasted her dish and Ranveer Brar said that there needed to be a bit more sweetness but presentation is good overall. Garima Arora told her that the bitterness in her dish overtook everything else. Vikas Khanna said that he fried a big chunk of fish in the dish and it didn’t looked good.

Nayanjyoti Saikia – favourite ingredient- Cherry – Least favourite – Lobia – Chef’s tasted his dish and Vikas Khanna liked the lobia crumble made by him. Garima Arora tasted his dish and she said that she is very impressed by his dish but its a bit of a mismatch. Ranveer Brar tells him that the balance of his dish is perfect.

Santa Sarmah – favourite ingredient – Spinach – Least favourite – Mushroom – She said that she tried to make Panna Cotta but it did not got set in the fridge. All three Chef’s tasted her dish and they told her that she needed more learning.

Kamal Deep – favourite ingredient – Bitter Gourd – Least favourite – Green Apple – Vikas Khanna said after tasting her dish that its a brilliant dish. Garima Arora loved her complex thought. Ranveer Brar said that it was a difficult dish to pull off and all contestants should see her as a threat. Vikas called her with a new name Kamaal Deep.

Nazia Sultana – favourite ingredient – Prawns – Least favourite – Papaya – She made Prawn dumplings which are stuffed with Capsicum along with Papaya sauce. Garima Arora loved the taste of her dish because it was very refreshing. Ranveer Brar said that her dish is tasty.

Deepa Chauhan – favourite ingredient – Thai Pineapple – Least favourite – Prawns – She made a upside down Pineapple stake and Ranveer Brar loved the Sindhi food foundation she has put in her dish. Garima Arora said that the presentation and taste was very good but about proportion they will talk next time. Ranveer further said that we want to see more international dishes from you.

Other contestants dishes also gets tasted by all three chef’s. Garima Arora told Urmila Baa that she needs to work a bit more on the presentation. Ranveer Brar told Dyuti Banerjee that her dish is dry. Gurkirat Singh’s chicken was totally uncooked and Chef’s refused to taste it.

Amul Dish of the Day Winner – Dish made by Nayanjyoti Saikia was chosen and he got safe for the whole week.

Nazia Sultana also got selected for the top 2 and she also gets safe for the entire week.

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