Kundali Bhagya Spoiler 8 October 2020 Episode – Mahira gets slapped by Sarla

Mahira continues to drink alcohol at the reception and she even makes other guests drink alcohol. Whole Luthra family gets shocked seeing this as they thought it was some drama by Preeta to insult them in front of their society. Mahira did a sexy romantic dance on ‘Aa Zara Kareeb Se’ song with Karan forcefully during which she reveals herself and Karan pushes her aside by the end of the dance.

Mahira introduces herself as Karan’s wife to all the media people and guests at the party and She says that Preeta is a liar and a fraud. Srishti regains consciousness in the hospital after which she immediately leaves to save Preeta despite doctor tried to stop her. Pawan went to bring Prithvi for the marriage.

Mahira tried to create a scene and she tells Kareena that Preeta send that notice for the alimony. Sherlyn takes Mahira side in the party and she reminds Kareena about her promise she gave to Mahira for marrying Karan.

Sarla asks Mahira where is Preeta and Mahira says that she ran away with her lover Prithvi. Sarla slapped Mahira. Kareena says how dare you Sarla Arora. Sarla says that she is saying such dirty things about the daughter-in-law of this house and you are quiet. Kareena says Preeta is not the daughter-in-law of this house but Sarla says yes she is. Srishti reaches the location where Preeta was kept hostage by Pawan.

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