Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 8 October 2020 Episode – Rhea finds that Pragya is her mother

Shahana went to call Pragya to the temple and Pragya was still ringing the bell. Shahana tells Pragya that Prachi has regained consciousness and Pragya had a sigh of relief and thanked Mata Rani. Rhea manages to get inside Pragya’s house by breaking the door glass and opening the latch.

Rhea starts looking for the evidences and she went into Pragya’s room. Rhea decides that she will take Pragya’s photograph wiith her but in the photo frame she finds Abhi’s photo along with Pragya. Rhea searches a bit more in Pragya’s room and she finds her childhood photographs with Pragya. Rhea even sees her date of birth behind one of the photograph and she recalls about her lovely moments with Pragya.

Ranbir tells Prachi that the truck driver was hired by someone to do her accident and your mother knows the name of the person who hired him. Ranbir was about to confess his love for Prachi but Pragya enters the room and Pragya was crying in front of Prachi. Prachi requests Pragya not to cry.

Ranbir sees blood coming from Pragya’s hands and he puts some ointment. Ranbir rushes to bring some water for Pragya. Pragya thinks of Rhea and decides to keep her secret as she does not want to ruin her relation with Ranbir. Rhea starts crying as she got emotional. Rhea talks to Pragya’s picture and says that she always wanted a good mother like her but never realised that she is her mother. Rhea says that why she took so much time in coming.

Alia talks to the lawyer and he says that there is a solid reason as Pragya has not filed a complaint against Rhea as of now. Lawyer says that Pragya is not Rhea’s mother who will not file a complain against her because of having pity. Alia thinks that Pragya might have found out that Rhea is her daughter. Alia says that I can never let Pragya cross the doors of this house. Prachi in the hospital asks Pragya about who planned her accident.


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