Woh To Hai Albelaa episode 11 written updates 28 March 2022 – Krishna follows Sayuri like a shadow

Sayuri prepares breakfast and she tells Pihu & Rasshmi to come and eat. Pihu says I am cleaning the shoes and Sayuri helped her in cleaning the shoes with a chalk. Rashmi offers help to Pihu and she rejects her offer saying you are very slow and you might get late. Rashmi says I have two free lectures today and then Sayuri says good now you don’t have to take breakfast in tiffin. Rashmi thinks I take breakfast for Nakul.

Dadi comes with a face pack applied and Indu, Pihu, Rashmi & Sayuri started laughing. Dadi says I put it on because today I have a shoot with Kanha and he might be coming. Sayuri gets upset hearing his name and Dadi says Kanha & Saroj are different. Sayuri received a message from Chiru asking her to meet in the evening and she responds saying yes I will meet you. Indu says I hope Chiru gets a nice wife like him who can take care of him. Dadi says I hope his wife doesn’t create rift between the three brothers and Sayuri gets sad hearing this.

Saroj asks Kusum about the silence of all three brothers and Kusum says its because of Sayuri. Kusum tells Saroj that Sayuri has superiority complex because of her beauty and to make her jealous she intentionally comes near her window after getting ready. Saroj says don’t worry I will find a very nice husband for you and Sayuri will get no husband. Saroj tries to make all three brothers smile by making a vlog but they gave no reaction. She started crying and all three brothers went to calm her down. Krishna thinks that it all happened because of you Sayuri and for this I will take revenge.

Krishna stopped Sayuri’s scooty and he tells her that she became a wall between the brothers. Krishna says that because of you Chiru bhaiya scolded me for the first time and Sayuri says this shows how much he loves me. Krishna says you fooled him and Sayuri says that he is not a small baby. Sayuri tells Krishna that she is leaving because she has other things to take care of. Krishna grabbed Sayuri’s scooty from behind by standing on his scooter and he started following her. Sayuri tells him to leave and he says I won’t, now you will see my love for my brother.

Indu was talking to a lady about Sayuri’s marriage and Saroj started taunting her by saying she is refusing to marry because she might have an affair with a boy. Indu says I heard that neighbours son has refused to marry and the lady says maybe he might be having an affair. Indu taunts Saroj on her superiority complex. Saroj says you have three unmarried daughters and soon you will lose all your respect.

Krishna started following Sayuri everywhere in the college. She was talking to the principal and he started mocking her by making funny faces after which Sayuri fumbled in front of Principal. Principal scolds Sayuri and says you won’t get promotion now. Sayuri was teaching a student and Kanha started annoying her by using the mobile flash. Later on Sayuri took coffee and Kanha came from behind all of a sudden after which coffee fell down from Sayuri’s hand. Sayuri sits on her scooty to escape from the college but Kanha sits behind her and he tells her that till the time she won’t leave his brother, he will keep on following her.

Chiru gives Tej Pratap tiles to check and Tej says no its not good. Chiru says if you said then I will cancel it. Tej tells Chiru to bring a wife just like you and Dhanraj says if we have good relations with Indrani then we would have talked to her about Chiru’s marriage. Saroj says i have more sense then her and I will find a perfect wife for Chiru. Chiru thinks it seems mom got triggered and now I need to talk about Sayuri with her, later on I will convince Kanha.

Sayuri started driving very fast. Chiru went outside to unload the tiles from the tempo. Sayuri came their with Kanha and she almost had an accident with the tempo. Sayuri and Kanha started fighting in front of Chiru and Chiru asks them to tell what’s the matter. Saroj made curd milk for Chiru and she went outside to give it to him. Sayuri tells Chiru that Kanha was following her whole day at the college.

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